vivo X Fold2/X Flip leads the JD 618 sales chart, occupying two of the top three spots

vivo X Fold2/X Flip rank #1 and #3 on JD 618 sales chart

【PhoneAuto News】The annual 618 mid-year promotion is in full swing, and major mobile phone brands are taking out their “killer moves” to compete. As of June 6, vivo X Flip, with its stylish appearance and hovering experience surpassing straight-screen phones, won the double championship of’s 618 mobile phone speed ranking and hot-selling list. It is worth mentioning that vivo X Fold2 also ranked second and third on the speed ranking and hot-selling list respectively, and is the Top1 in the large folding category, which shows consumers’ love for these two flagship folding new products from vivo.

As a small folding phone with both looks and strength, vivo X Flip has three colors to choose from: diamond purple, silk gold, and diamond black. It is elegant and exquisite, equipped with a fun and practical 3.0-inch magic mirror outer screen, making the folding screen a fashionable product.

vivo X Flip

In terms of imaging, vivo X Flip brings users a novel and interesting hovering Zeiss image, with a unique soft light makeup mirror function, like putting a makeup box into a phone, freeing hands for “hovering free shooting”, hand-held high-definition shooting that “can be used horizontally and vertically”, and DV mode, making you a vlog expert in seconds, with “hovering delay shooting” without the need for a tripod, and easy one-click shooting of scenes such as traffic lights and starry sky. Based on the 50-megapixel VCS biomimetic spectral large bottom main camera, OIS optical anti-shake and various Zeiss lens packs, vivo X Flip has become the “best shooting small folding phone” so far.

In terms of experience, vivo X Flip is equipped with the first-generation Snapdragon 8+ flagship chip, passed the 500,000 times Rhein TV folding worry-free certification, and is equipped with an equivalent 4400mAh battery and 44W ultra-fast flash charging, with excellent endurance. In addition, the 12+256GB configuration allows you to completely ignore storage issues and use it with peace of mind.

Breaking through the flagship of traditional straight-screen phones! The vivo X Fold2 brings seven unique foldable screen features globally. It not only has the flagship configuration of traditional straight-screen phones but also brings users more innovative and rich foldable screen experience, opening the “Foldable Screen 3.0 era” comprehensively.

vivo X Fold2

The vivo X Fold2 is equipped with the unique 2K+ E6 flagship dual main screen in the world. The 8.03-inch internal screen size continues to dominate the ceiling of foldable screens, using self-developed aviation-grade water droplet hinges, which increases the folding life by 33%. It has passed the 400,000 times Rhein TV folding worry-free certification, making users more at ease. In terms of performance, the vivo X Fold2 is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 SPU custom flagship chip, and together with LPDDR5X and UFS4.0, they form the “Performance Iron Triangle”. In addition, it also has 120W dual-core fast charging, 50W wireless flash charging, the industry’s largest area of VC liquid cooling, 3D ultrasonic dual-screen fingerprint, 5G+, Wi-Fi7, and wireless lossless Hi-Fi. In terms of imaging, the vivo X Fold2 is equipped with self-developed chip V2, a 50-megapixel VCS biomimetic spectrum main camera customized in cooperation with Sony, as well as Zeiss Cinematic movie mode and 4K chip-level “night vision device” function, which can achieve large-screen foldable image experience such as hovering starry sky without support of a tripod, and one-click output of high-quality pictures. Overall, as a large foldable screen phone, the vivo X Fold2’s comprehensive quality can be said to be “extremely high”.

Bidding farewell to traditional straight-screen phones, foldable screens have become the choice of more consumers during this year’s 618 shopping festival. The vivo X Fold2 and X Flip are two rare products in the foldable screen field that can perfectly combine straight-board-level flagship configuration and beyond-straight-board flagship experience. Its profound technical accumulation and sufficient understanding of consumers not only make vivo understand consumers’ needs better but also promote and facilitate the popularization of foldable screen phones and the development of the industry. If you want to experience a foldable screen during the 618 shopping festival, the vivo X Fold2 and X Flip are definitely good choices.

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