Volkswagen is planning to carry out its largest-scale restructuring! The first step is to cut costs

Volkswagen plans largest restructuring, starting with cost cuts

【PhoneAuto News】In the current wave of new energy, traditional car companies are all working hard to transform. Coupled with poor industry prospects, some car companies can only choose to maintain their subsequent development through large-scale adjustment actions. According to PhoneAuto, Volkswagen, as the industry leader, also plans to carry out the largest-scale restructuring.


German media recently reported that Oliver Blume, CEO of Volkswagen Group, is preparing for a significant restructuring of Europe’s largest car manufacturer. It is reported that the first step of this restructuring is to reduce costs. At the same time, the top management of Volkswagen also hopes to restructure the group’s structure. A senior management official said that this is the “largest restructuring in decades”.

PhoneAuto observed that although the Volkswagen Group is now a giant ship, there have been many radical reforms in recent years. Especially in personnel, Volkswagen is often reported to have adjustment measures. Just a month ago, foreign media reported that Volkswagen Group will restructure the senior team of its software subsidiary CARIAD to solve software development problems. Volkswagen Group announced the appointment of Peter Bosch, who was previously in charge of Bentley’s manufacturing business, as CEO.

Going back further, the Volkswagen Group’s management structure underwent a major adjustment at the end of 2021. At that time, the Volkswagen Group announced that it would strengthen the management team of the group’s management board, restructure the management structure, optimize functions, in order to more effectively meet the next stage of transformation. At that time, Herbert Diess, chairman of the Volkswagen Group management board, took over the work of the software department CARIAD in the management board and continued to serve as a member of the management board, responsible for the group’s product brand business.

As early as September 2012, the Volkswagen Group completed the largest personnel adjustment in history, with a total of 31 senior executives experiencing job changes.

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