Volkswagen plans to launch an entry-level ID1 model with a price expected to be below $22,000

Volkswagen to launch ID1 model below $22,000

【PhoneAuto News】According to a new report, Volkswagen Group is fully developing a new entry-level electric vehicle. This new model, which will be launched soon, may be called ID.1 and may be the successor to the Volkswagen e-Up city electric car sold in Europe.

Rendering of Volkswagen ID.1

The affordable price for consumers is the main attraction of the new electric car. The German automaker aims to further flatten development costs through platform sharing, and the entry-level hatchback and its peer models from Cupra and Skoda may adopt the same customized architecture. The details of the new platform have not yet surfaced, but it will be different from the MEB Entry, which will support the mass production version of the Volkswagen ID.2all concept, an electric hatchback priced below 25,000 euros (approximately 197,400 yuan) that the brand announced the concept of early this year. The Volkswagen ID.2 will share a platform with the Cupra Raval and Skoda’s small SUV, both of which will be produced at the Martorell factory near Barcelona, Spain from 2025.

Volkswagen ID.2all

The name of Volkswagen’s new model has not yet been finalized and its positioning may be below the ID.2all. Some media speculate that the starting price of this electric car for the Volkswagen market may be less than $22,000 (approximately 159,200 yuan). Arno Antlitz, CFO of Volkswagen Group, said that the company is confident in achieving lower prices due to the emergence of more affordable battery technology and cheaper production processes when discussing the target price of ID 2all.

Volkswagen ID.2all Interior

He also mentioned that the production version of the ID.2all concept is equipped with batteries produced by the brand’s new battery factory in Spain. The factory is being built in Sagunto, 18 miles north of Valencia. This new factory, costing 300 million euros (2.369 billion yuan), has an annual battery production capacity of 40 gigawatt hours, and battery production will begin in 2026. This move is of strategic importance. Producing their own batteries is advantageous in reducing battery costs, which will also encourage Volkswagen to continue expanding the factory. New electric cars can also use the ID 2all’s 38 kilowatt-hour lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, but their range may be less than 200 miles.

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