Volvo EX90 production delayed! Due to unexpected delays in software development progress

Volvo EX90 production delayed due to software development delays

【phoneauto News】Recently, phoneauto noticed that Volvo officially announced the delay of the production time for its mid-size all-electric SUV EX90 to mid-2024. According to previous reports, the car was originally planned to go into mass production and be launched in early 2024. It is reported that Volvo engineers are working hard to integrate various key safety technologies into this flagship model, but the delay in the original plan is due to the “software code complexity” of the EX90’s laser radar system.

Volvo EX90

EX90 is Volvo’s first model equipped with laser radar, and this technology is set as standard. Volvo stated that the laser radar and other sensors on the EX90 create an “invisible shield of safety,” which helps reduce severe injuries or fatalities caused by accidents by one-fifth.

Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo Cars, said that we have written a lot of software ourselves and hope to ensure that when we put laser radar into our safety stack for the first time, it works properly. Rowan pointed out that the delayed production has given Volvo engineers more time to complete this work, but it may push back the launch date of the EX90 to the third quarter of 2024.

It is worth mentioning that Volvo is not the only automaker facing software challenges. Volkswagen Group has postponed the launch of its top models, including the Porsche Macan electric vehicle, by at least two years because the company is working hard to prepare the related software. In addition, the software dilemma has also delayed the introduction of the McLaren Artura plug-in hybrid car to some extent. This supercar was originally scheduled to be launched in the fall of 2020, but it didn’t start selling until the end of last year.

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