Qin PLUS DM-i leads the way, comparing four domestically produced family sedans priced around 100,000 Which one suits your taste?

Which domestically produced family sedan around 100,000 suits your taste? Qin PLUS DM-i leads the way in comparison

At a price of 100,000 yuan, it can be said to be a “golden price” in the car market because many people have a budget of around 100,000 yuan for their first car. In the past domestic sedan market, the 100,000 yuan level models were mainly occupied by Volkswagen Lavida, and the “big three” Japanese models (Sylphy, Corolla, and Leiling) and other joint venture models. However, with the rise of domestic independent brands in recent years, the sales of domestic sedans in this price range have also become better.

Whether it is in terms of appearance, power, or configuration, domestic cars today have stronger competitiveness compared to joint venture brands of the same price range. Today, phoneauto brings you four popular domestic 100,000 yuan level sedans, namely the 2023 Changan UNI-V, 2023 Chery Arrizo 5 GT, 2023 BYD Qin PLUS DM-i Champion Edition, and the 2024 Geely Emgrand GL HiP Champion Edition. These four cars have starting prices around 100,000 yuan, but each has its own characteristics. Through the introduction and comparison of advantages and disadvantages, it is believed that it can help you in your car purchase.

As the representative of BYD’s oil-electric same price strategy, the Qin PLUS DM-i Champion Edition, which was officially launched in February this year, has attracted the attention of countless people even before it was launched. The reason is simple, its starting price of 99,800 yuan. And what we recommend today is precisely this entry-level model – the 2023 Qin PLUS DM-i Champion Edition 55KM Leading Edition.

BYD Qin PLUS DM-i Champion Edition

From the appearance point of view, the Champion Edition model is not much different from the previous Qin PLUS DM-i. The front of the car still has the iconic large mouth grille. Even for the entry-level model, it is still equipped with LED daytime running lights and dynamic turn signals. The appearance of the vehicle still has the typical BYD style and has good recognition. Although the appearance may vary from person to person, it is not daring to say that the design of the Qin PLUS is very good-looking, but it can definitely not be considered ugly.

BYD Qin PLUS DM-i Champion Edition

The configuration of this car is also full of surprises. As an entry-level model, its configuration can be considered as a hit to the same-priced joint venture cars. The previous generation Qin PLUS received criticism from many car owners because of its small dashboard. Therefore, BYD has equipped the Qin PLUS Champion Edition with an 8.8-inch LCD instrument panel as standard across the range. In terms of comfort, it adopts integrated sports leather seats and upgrades the perforation process. The heat dissipation and seat wrapping performance are unmatched by many fabric seats in the same price range.

In terms of technology, the car is equipped with a 10.1-inch central control screen that supports DiLink 4.0 smart connectivity system. It also provides front and rear dual USB interfaces, reverse image, and cruise control, among others.

BYD Qin PLUS DM-i Champion Edition interior

The high attention and sales performance of the Qin PLUS DM-i Champion Edition are closely related to its DM-i super hybrid system. For most urban office workers, the 55km pure electric endurance can basically meet daily commuting needs. If there is a home charging pile, daily commuting to and from work can be done entirely with electric power. Even without a home charging condition, its fuel consumption under hybrid mode is only 3.8L/100km (under NEDC conditions), which is much lower than that of ordinary fuel vehicles.

If you need a comfortable and very fuel-efficient hybrid sedan, the entry-level model of the BYD Qin PLUS DM-i Champion Edition is worth considering.

Both hybrid cars, both priced at around 100,000 yuan. Recently, Geely launched the 2024 Geely Emgrand L HiP Champion Edition, which even copied the name from BYD. However, it must be said that the two are not only similar in price range, but also comparable in terms of product power, each with its own focus.

2024 Geely Emgrand L HiP Champion Edition

Although it is the entry-level model of this series, the 2024 Geely Emgrand 1.5TD-DHT Pro Champion Edition, priced at 109,800 yuan, is currently around 100,000 yuan after terminal discounts. In terms of appearance, the Emgrand L HiP Champion Edition has further optimized and upgraded its design, looking more simple and three-dimensional. The new car adopts a straight and powerful horizontal grille and a segmented front bumper. The lower grille is treated with a simple hierarchical design and adds a luminous badge exclusive to new energy vehicles. The entire front face looks more coordinated and in line with mainstream aesthetics.

2024 Geely Emgrand L HiP Champion Edition

In terms of configuration, the Emgrand L HiP Champion Edition is equipped with Geely Galaxy OS ecosystem, a 12.3-inch color central control screen, a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel, and intelligent voice interactive system as standard across the entire lineup. The entry-level model also provides configurations such as reverse image, electric sunroof, remote start, keyless entry, and even offers cruise control for convenient long-distance driving.

2024 Geely Emgrand L HiP Champion Edition interior

The biggest selling point of this car is its power. Compared to mainstream plug-in hybrid models in the same class that generally use a single-gear E-CVT and naturally aspirated engine, the Emgrand L HiP Champion Edition is equipped with a unique 1.5TD efficient engine + 3-gear variable frequency electric drive DHT Pro + dual motor power combination, which gives it a leading power level among similar models in the same class. This not only brings stronger acceleration performance, but also ensures no stalling or lack of power during high-speed driving.

The Emgrand L HiP Champion Edition is also equipped with a 15.5kWh battery pack that offers a pure electric range of 100km across the lineup. It also supports fast charging, providing nearly double the pure electric range compared to the similarly priced competitor, the Qin PLUS DM-i. This is definitely good news for those who want a hybrid sedan with higher pure electric range.

When it comes to understanding design among domestic car companies in recent years, many people believe Changan deserves recognition. Whether it’s the classic CS series models, the recently launched UNI series, or the new brand Deep Blue Automotive, their styling designs can be considered among the best in the same price range. The 2023 Changan UNI-V is one of the many “handsome faces” from Changan.

2023 Changan UNI-V

As an entry-level model, the 2023 Changan UNI-V 1.5T Luxury Edition has a suggested price of 108,900 yuan, and with a discount of about 6,000 yuan from the current 4S dealership, the bare car price is also around 100,000 yuan. In terms of appearance, the Changan UNI-V can be said to have the highest aesthetics among the four. The borderless front grille, together with sharp LED daytime running lights and the lower air intake, give the vehicle a highly aggressive look.

2023 Changan UNI-V

Although it is a low-end model, the 2023 Changan UNI-V 1.5T Premium model is still equipped with 18-inch sporty alloy wheels. In addition, the new model is also equipped with an electric tail wing as standard across the entire range, creating a good sense of sportiness, which is very suitable for young users who have requirements for the appearance of the vehicle.

2023 Changan UNI-V

The interior of the vehicle is also full of sporty style. The Changan UNI-V is equipped with an elliptical steering wheel, and the LCD instrument panel is also designed in a Mobius 3+1 full-view combat instrument style. Coupled with the space battleship-style electronic shift lever, it creates a good sense of technology. In terms of configuration, even the entry-level model is very rich, with front and rear parking radar, 360-degree panoramic imaging, transparent chassis/540-degree imaging, full-speed adaptive cruise control, automatic parking, uphill assist, electric sunroof, electric sensing trunk, and more. There is no trace of the lowest configuration.

2023 Changan UNI-V interior

In terms of power, the Changan UNI-V is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 188 horsepower and a maximum torque of 300 N·m, matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission.

If you want a stylish sedan, then the 2023 Changan UNI-V is definitely the best choice among the four models. However, compared with the two hybrid models mentioned above, its disadvantage is that it has higher fuel consumption and cannot enjoy the tax exemption benefits brought by green license plates.

The last recommended model comes from a well-known domestic car company, which is the 2023 Chery Arrizo 5 GT that was officially launched by Chery in March this year. Unlike the previous three models that can only purchase entry-level models for about 100,000 yuan, with a budget of about 100,000 yuan, you can purchase the top-of-the-line 1.5T model of the 2023 Chery Arrizo 5 GT – 1.5T CVT Zhi. The official price of 99,000 yuan, including discounts, is around 100,000 yuan, which has a good cost performance.

2023 Chery Arrizo 5 GT

As a model with “GT” in its name, the sporty style is its main selling point. The front face of the car adopts a spindle-shaped grille similar to Lexus, which occupies almost the entire front face. On both sides of the grille are long and narrow matrix LED headlights, which look very imposing. From the side, the length, width, and height of the car are 4710mm/1829mm/1490mm, and the wheelbase is 2670mm. The vehicle is also equipped with 17-inch diamond-cut mirror-finished blade wheels, and exclusive “GT” logos are added to the front and rear of the body to increase recognition.

As the top-of-the-line model of the 1.5T version, the 2023 Chery Arrizo 5 GT 1.5T CVT Zhi is naturally fully equipped in terms of configuration. The car adopts a dual-screen design of a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel + a 10.25-inch full LCD central control screen. Orange elements are added to the steering wheel, central console, seats, etc. to create a lively atmosphere. The car is also equipped with the Lion Smart Cloud interactive system, which has functions such as natural language recognition, mobile phone connectivity, in-car Wi-Fi, and online navigation. In addition, it is also equipped with AQS air quality management system, third-generation PEPS system, 360° panoramic imaging, and heated driver’s seat.

2023 Chery Arrizo 5 GT

One of the highlights of this car is its fully equipped L2 level advanced driving assistance system, which is rare in the same class and price range. It includes 13 functions such as AEB automatic emergency braking system, FCW forward collision warning, BSD all-weather high-precision blind spot monitoring, and RCTA rear cross-traffic alert. This not only improves driving safety in daily driving, but also makes long-distance driving on highways more effortless. This is an experience that the other three models with basic driving assistance functions cannot provide.

Interior of the 2023 Chery Arrizo 5 GT

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 115kW and a peak torque of 230N·m, matched with a CVT continuously variable transmission. Of course, if you want more power, the 1.6T-DCT flagship version, which is 10,000 yuan more expensive, is also worth considering.

In today’s domestic car market, in order to survive and compete with joint venture brands, domestic brands have brought more and more cost-effective products. The four models mentioned above are representative of this trend. Overall, these four domestic sedans in the 100,000 yuan price range have good performance, but they have different characteristics and tendencies.

If you need a daily commuting and fuel-efficient vehicle, the BYD Qin PLUS Champion Edition is a good choice; if you care more about power performance and pure electric range, then don’t miss the 2024 Geely Emgrand L HiP Champion Edition; if you often need to drive on highways and want a more relaxed driving experience, then the 2023 Chery Arrizo 5 GT 1.5T might be more suitable for you; of course, if you are a young consumer who pursues the appearance of the vehicle, then the stylish 2023 Changan UNI-V might be your cup of tea.

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