Expose iPhone 15 Pro will adopt narrower bezels and titanium alloy Is it really going to increase in price?

Will iPhone 15 Pro have narrower bezels and titanium alloy? Will the price increase?

【phoneauto News】Recently, according to Bloomberg, Apple plans to adopt a new technology called Low Injection Pressure Overmolding (LIPO) to make the frames of the iPhone 15 Pro series narrower.

It is understood that the frames of the iPhone 15 Pro series may be as thin as 1.5 millimeters, while the black frames of the iPhone 14 are 2.22 millimeters. However, Apple actually does not want to see any frames on the iPhone. According to The Elec, a South Korean news outlet, Apple has requested its supply chain partners to produce test batches of completely frameless displays in order to achieve frameless screens on future iPhones. Additionally, there are sources claiming that the frames of the iPad will also become narrower.

In addition to narrower frames, it is said that Apple also wants to use updated body materials. According to reports, Apple is considering using titanium metal on the iPhone 15 Pro, instead of the stainless steel used for manufacturing the iPhone 14 Pro. Titanium metal has several advantages over stainless steel: it is lighter, yet stronger and more corrosion-resistant. Of course, titanium metal is also more expensive, which means that Apple is likely to charge a higher premium for the iPhone 15 Pro series that will be released later this year.

If this is true, a price increase for the iPhone 15 Pro series is inevitable, as Apple has already charged a $100 premium for the titanium case of the Apple Watch Series 7.

In addition, there are reports suggesting that the corner design of the iPhone 15 Pro may be slightly rounder than that of the iPhone 14 series, providing a better grip.

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