Half a year has passed! Is the Xiaomi 13 Standard Edition finally going to be discounted? Small screen enthusiasts are ecstatic

Will Xiaomi 13 Standard Edition be discounted after six months? Small screen fans excited

【PhoneAuto News】At the end of 2022, Xiaomi updated its digital series, bringing two flagship models: the standard version of Xiaomi 13 and the Pro version of Xiaomi 13. Among them, the Xiaomi 13 Pro is extremely advanced in terms of configuration, equipped with a one-inch large bottom sensor, and also provides a rare ceramic body material, making it a very competitive flagship phone at that time. The Xiaomi 13 standard version is somewhat special. It is currently a rare model in the mobile phone market that uses a small screen size. It is the “dream machine” of many small screen mobile phone enthusiasts.

Due to its excellent quality and the scarcity of small screen mobile phone products, as well as the lack of many competitors, the price of Xiaomi 13 is quite firm. Currently, it has been about half a year since the launch of this model. According to the information displayed by the relevant price-checking App, this model has not undergone an official price reduction before, and only some discounts that can be used with platform full-reduction coupons or tokens are available. Generally speaking, the price is very firm. However, on May 22, PhoneAuto noticed that Xiaomi’s Tmall flagship store and JD.com’s self-operated flagship store have both processed the price information of Xiaomi 13. This means that this phone is very likely to be discounted during the 618 mid-year shopping festival.

Currently, the starting model of the Xiaomi 13 standard version provides 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space, with a price of 3999 yuan. During the 618 shopping festival, the price of this phone will be announced on the evening of May 23. Interested netizens can pay attention to it.

Previously, Xiaomi officially announced that they will start the 618 pre-sale at 8 pm on May 23, offering discounts of 1.6 billion yuan and a maximum discount of 3,000 yuan. Many flagship phones will participate, including the Xiaomi 13.

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