2023 vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Contest Winners Announced

'Winners of 2023 vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Contest announced'

【Phoneauto News】On July 30th, vivo 2023 Image Ceremony special event was held in Xining, showcasing the latest achievements of vivo in the field of mobile imaging technology and culture. As the core platform of vivo’s image culture, the winners of the 2023 vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Competition (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”) were officially announced at the event, marking the successful conclusion of the 7-month competition.

Since the first vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Competition held in 2020, the scale and influence of the event have been increasing year by year. This year’s competition received a total of 212,265 works from more than 40 countries and regions. Each work carries the emotions, stories, and reflections of the creators, depicting a humanistic picture scroll that embodies the characteristics of the current era.

In collaboration with vivo’s global imaging strategic partner Zeiss, this year’s competition aimed to collect works from vivo smartphone users from around the world, with the core concept of “everyone is a creator”. To better cater to the creators’ daily routines and creative scenes, the competition upgraded the submission units, setting up six submission units: portrait, group, landscape, night scene, sports, and events. At the same time, the competition invited five imaging masters and experts from different fields, including Bertram Hoenlinger, Zeiss’ photography expert, Francesco Gola, Zeiss’ mobile photography ambassador, Rong Rong, a photographer and curator, Xiao Quan, a portrait photographer, and Yu Meng, vice president of vivo imaging, to conduct strict evaluations. Finally, 21 winning works stood out.

Best Work of the Year: Jiehan Herry Saputro’s “Let Me Fly”

Portrait Unit Champion: Pradiptamoy Paul’s “Life Written on the Face”

Portrait Unit Runner-ups: Wu Zhengjie’s “Prayer” and Kyaw Kyaw Winn’s “Friendship”

Event Unit Champion: He Chao “Outside the Window”

Event Unit Runner-up: Lu Mi “Before the Green Light Shines” Kyaw Zay Yar Lin “Drought and Lives”

Group Photo Unit Champion: Zeng Shuqin “Uncontrolled Daughter”

Group Photo Unit Runner-up: Lu Wenqiong “Childhood in the Theater” Kim Yap “Coffee Life”

Scenic Unit Champion: He Jinyi “Blue Silky”

Scenic Unit Runner-up: Wu Zhengjie “Death Valley” Sun Xuhui “Painting”

Night Scene Unit Champion: Wu Zhengjie “Me and the Arch Starry Sky”

Night Scene Unit Runner-up: Tan Yuchen “Fairy Tale World” Chen Jinhai “Dreamy Fluorescent Sea”

Sports Unit Champion: Jiehan Herry Saputro “Let Me Fly”

Sports Unit Runner-up: Yu Runhao “Sunshine Fun” Guo Li “Collective Sports Forms”

Zeiss Professional Imaging Award: Jiang Xinyuan “Dream of Theater”

X90 Series Best Imaging Award: Ma Chen “Blue Ice Eye” Wei Dong “The Tension of Life”

Among the winning works in the six submission units, “Let Me Fly” created by Indonesian photographer Jiehan Herry Saputro won the Best Work of the Year at the 2023 vivo Image Plus Mobile Photography Contest. This series captures the images of children growing up by the seaside, turning the ocean into their exclusive playground, frolicking and jumping into the sea from a boat. The creator captures the pure and warm smiles and light and graceful postures of the children with the vivo X70 Pro, their bodies leaping high, full of passionate emotions, evoking beautiful memories of childhood in the hearts of every viewer. The joy of this fleeting moment is preserved and extended through the images, leaving a lasting impression. The work also won the championship in the “Sports” unit.

Best work of the year: Jiehan Herry Saputro “Let Me Fly”

The “Portrait” category has many emotionally charged character portraits, with subtle eye expressions and facial expressions giving the works a strong narrative quality, intuitively showcasing the expressive power hidden in the images. The champion work of the category, “Life Written on the Face,” was shot by Indian photographer Pradiptamoy Paul using the vivo X80 5G, focusing attention on a farmer through highly vivid close-ups of facial expressions. In the frozen face, every wrinkle reflects a journey through the fields of the four seasons, representing not only an individual, but also the perseverance and dedication of a group.

Champion work of the “Portrait” category: Pradiptamoy Paul “Life Written on the Face”

The “Event” category aims to accurately capture and reproduce current events, demonstrating the importance of timely news documentary reporting. The champion work of the category, “Outside the Window,” uses the vivo S16 to swiftly record the patients and nurses in the hospital corridor anxiously looking out the window at a fire. The strong black and white contrast adds an unspoken tension to this moment.

Champion work of the “Event” category: He Chao “Outside the Window”

The “Series” category aims to present the long-term attention and story exploration that creators invest in their chosen topics, using a series of images to document and narrate. The champion work of the category, “Uncontrolled Daughter,” vividly captures fragments of the creator’s daughter’s unrestrained and freely exploratory growth and mischievous moments using multiple image lenses, assisted by the vivo X90 Pro+.

“Group Photo” winning entry: Zeng Shuqin’s “Uncontrolled Daughter”

The “Scenery” category received many images with regional characteristics, and the winning entry is “Silky Blue”. The waves of the South Pacific Ocean constantly crash against the coastline of Penida. Creator He Jinyi used the vivo X90 Pro+ telephoto lens to unexpectedly capture this incredibly silky scene in perfect lighting.

“Scenery” winning entry: He Jinyi’s “Silky Blue”

The winning entry of the “Night View” category, “A Photo of Me and the Arch Under the Starry Sky”, is a record of a night that belongs to the creator Wu Zhengjie and Namibia. Wu Zhengjie stayed in a campsite under the arch for three nights, experiencing lightning and dark clouds. Finally, he used the vivo X90 Pro+ to capture this precious and rare photo of the starry sky under the arch.

“Night View” winning entry: Wu Zhengjie’s “A Photo of Me and the Arch Under the Starry Sky”

“Dream Play”, created by Jiang Xinyuan, successfully won the “Zeiss Professional Imaging Award”. Through the Zeiss optical lens of the vivo X90 Pro+, the creator recorded a touching scene of opera actors carefully grooming themselves to create distinctive characters in the dreamlike light and shadow.

Zeiss Professional Imaging Award entry: Jiang Xinyuan’s “Dream Play”

The “Best Imaging Award for the X90 Series” was won by photographers Ma Chen and Wei Dong. Among them, “The Blue Ice Eye” captured the natural blue ice cave hidden deep in the Tibetan glacier at an altitude of 4500 meters, with the panoramic mode of the vivo X90 Pro+. “The Tension of Life” also captured the decisive moment of a person jumping and shooting using the vivo X90 Pro+, with the brightly colored buildings in the background contrasting with the blue sky, creating a strong visual impact.

Best Image Award of the X90 Series: “Blue Ice Pupil” by Ma Chen

Best Image Award of the X90 Series: “Tension of Life” by Wei Dong

Vice President of vivo Imaging, Yu Meng, extends congratulations and thanks to all participants and award-winning photographers. He said, “Thanks to the support of our partners and users who have been with us along the way, vivo Imaging has achieved fruitful results today. After three years of accumulation, we deeply realize that mobile photography is not only about daily recording and expression, but also carries strong humanistic and social values behind the stories. In order to bring a user-friendly professional imaging experience, vivo has always been diligent, brave, and focused. We look forward to walking alongside more like-minded people in the future, with the philosophy of ‘Technology with Heart, Imaging from the Heart,’ allowing everyone to fully enjoy the wonderful moments of life through mobile photography.”

Vice President of vivo Imaging, Yu Meng

In order to allow more viewers to appreciate the excellent works and creative stories of this year’s competition up close, vivo has specially planned the vivo Imaging Plus Exhibition from July 23 to 31. The exhibition presents the ever-flowing vitality in the works in a more intuitive way, as well as the vibrant creativity presented by ordinary people as creators.

vivo Imaging Plus Exhibition

With a focus on the development of mobile imaging technology and image creation, vivo held the vivo Imaging Plus Forum on July 28. The forum invited Bertram Hoenlinger, a Zeiss photography expert and one of the judges of the 2023 vivo Imaging Plus Mobile Photography Competition, Wu Zhengjie, a landscape photographer and creator of the 2023 vivo Imaging Plus Mobile Photography Competition, Zhang Boran, a renowned portrait photographer, image educator, and creator of the 2023 vivo Imaging Plus Mobile Photography Competition, and Zhang Yan, an expert in vivo imaging product planning, as guests. They discussed the infinite possibilities of the future development of mobile imaging based on the competition entries.

vivo Image and Theme Forum Live Picture

Starting from the perspective of mobile shooting technology and life, Bertram Hoenlinger proposed: “The best lens in today’s society is the lens around you. Whether it is professional equipment or portable devices, everyone has the opportunity to become a creator and pay more attention to the world they see.”

At the same time, Zhang Yan, a vivo image product planning expert, said: “The number and quality of works in this competition are better than in previous years. The submitted works especially focus on daily life, and with the help of continuously improving mobile shooting technology, the works depict increasingly complex and diverse life scenes.”

vivo Image Product Planning Expert Zhang Yan

As a pioneer in the field of mobile imaging innovation, vivo is committed to allowing more people to enjoy the fun of mobile creation and self-expression through images. Based on the spirit of “everyone is a creator” from previous competitions, this year’s competition further encourages people to capture the subtle and precious moments of daily life, and always “take one more shot” with their phones, allowing the works to witness the continuous flow of the vitality of images as time passes.

In the midst of the sweeping tide of the era, there are still countless wonderful moments waiting to be discovered, recorded, and witnessed by everyone in the present. In the future, vivo will continue to focus on the innovative research and development of humanized professional imaging, explore more possibilities of mobile imaging creation, and together with every creator, depict a brand new picture of the future of mobile imaging.

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