Wuling Binguo’s sales in July exceeded 20,000 units, with a total sales volume surpassing 80,000 units

Wuling Binguo sold over 20,000 units in July, and its total sales volume exceeded 80,000 units

【phoneauto News】August 1st is the time when various car manufacturers compete to announce the latest market data for the previous month. Around 10 o’clock in the morning, phoneauto noticed that Wuling Motors seemed to be the first manufacturer to release the data. According to official information, in July 2023, Wuling BINGO sold a total of 20,064 units.

At the same time, since its launch in March, the total sales of Wuling BINGO have exceeded 80,000 units, reaching 81,336 units. In the previous months, Wuling Motors’ sales were 7,756 units (March), 16,383 units (April), 18,015 units (May), and 19,118 units (June). It can be seen that the sales of Wuling BINGO are steadily growing, and the market data for this model in August 2023 is also worth paying attention to.

Currently, Wuling BINGO offers a wide range of choices in terms of models, with a total of seven different configurations available. Among them, the lowest priced is the Light Enjoy version with a range of 203 kilometers, starting at 59,800 yuan, and the highest priced is the Lingxi Interconnected version with a range of 333 kilometers, starting at 84,800 yuan. At the same time, Wuling BINGO offers two different powertrain versions, with the maximum motor power of the two versions being 30 kW and 50 kW, respectively. In addition to the seven versions, Wuling BINGO also offers five different body colors, including X Blue, Muse Green, Willow Green, Laser Gray, and Sakura Pink.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to its outstanding performance in the domestic market, Wuling BINGO has already been exported to overseas markets. Previously, Wuling signed a cooperation agreement with Myanmar customers for the export of electric vehicles, including the Hongguang MINIEV, Qingkong, KiWi, and BINGO models. This is the first batch of overseas orders obtained by Wuling BINGO, marking its official entry into the ASEAN market.

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