Five Ling Ling Lingxi Hybrid System Officially Released, Ling Ling Lingguang Debuts without Exceeding Four Oils.

Five Ling Ling Lingxi Hybrid Systems Now Available, Unveiling of Ling Ling Lingguang Within Acceptable Oil Limit of Four.

【PhoneAuto News】On Wuling Technology Evolution Day, Wuling Motors announced its latest hybrid system – the Lingxi hybrid system, and announced that this system will be first installed on the new model of Wuling Xingguang, which will be officially launched in late November. It is understood that the comprehensive fuel consumption of the Wuling Xingguang equipped with the Lingxi hybrid system is 3.98L/100km (WLTC).

The Wuling Lingxi hybrid system consists of several major components, including a “hybrid-specific engine,” “electromagnetic DHT,” “drive motor,” and “hybrid-specific battery.” Among them, the latest S15 series hybrid-specific engine has a wide range of power generation from 8kW-60kW, making it outstanding in the industry.

This engine uses many innovative technologies, such as the intake system, Atkinson cycle, low-pressure cooling EGR, DLC diamond-like carbon coating, as well as split cooling and high-efficiency electronic water pump. Therefore, its maximum thermal efficiency reaches 43.2%, which is unprecedented in the industry. At the same time, the new engine operates in the high-efficiency zone for 92% of its working time, which means that its operational efficiency has been greatly improved, already surpassing the industry’s 40% or more high thermal efficiency.

Wuling Motors has also made improvements to the drive motor. The new drive motor uses technologies such as double-layer short-distance low-harmonic winding, low-loss high-performance silicon steel sheets, low-resistance bearings, and rotor skew poles. The application of these technologies reduces the harmonic losses and iron losses of the drive motor, with a maximum efficiency of 96.8%. In addition, the motor controller has also been redesigned, with a maximum efficiency of 98.8%. It is worth mentioning that Wuling Motors has pioneered the electromagnetic DHT in this technological evolution. This innovative design eliminates the use of hydraulic systems, reducing its weight by 5% compared to traditional hydraulic clutches and significantly reducing energy losses. Furthermore, in the case of engine connection and co-driving with electric drive, the precision of the DHT clutch gear speed difference is strictly controlled within 50rpm. This data is four times the industry’s DHT control precision and fully reflects the fine craftsmanship and technical strength of Wuling Motors. This system can achieve precise and fast mode switching within 0.2 seconds, providing drivers with a brand-new driving experience.

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