Morning News Xiaomi and Apple won big during the 618 shopping festival, and Hengchi Automobile’s Tianjin factory has fully resumed production

Xiaomi and Apple succeeded in the 618 shopping festival, while Hengchi Automobile's Tianjin factory has resumed production

【PhoneAuto Morning News】On the evening of May 23, launched the pre-sale activity for the 2023 618 promotion. Currently, the 618 pre-sale is about to end. PhoneAuto noticed that according to’s mobile phone speed ranking information, Apple and Xiaomi have achieved quite good pre-sale results.

As for the auto industry, Ideal Auto once again announced its latest market performance, continuing to lead the new forces brand. On May 30, the official of Hengchi Auto stated that they have resumed work and production, which is basically consistent with the previously expected resumption time. In addition, according to the news, Tesla CEO Musk has arrived in China and met with Ningde Times Chairman Zeng Yuqun.

In the “cumulative sales volume list of spot single products”, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, OnePlus Ace2, OPPO K11x, iPhone 14, Xiaomi 13, OPPO K10, OPPO A36, OPPO Reno9, and iPhone 13 are the top ten smart phone products. In the “cumulative sales volume list of pre-sale single products”, Redmi K60, Redmi K60 Pro, Redmi Note 12T Pro, iQOO Neo8, Honor 80 GT, Redmi K60E, iQOO Neo8 Pro, Samsung S23, Honor Magic5, and Huawei P60 are the top ten smart phone products.

On May 30, PhoneAuto noticed that Ideal Auto once again announced its latest market performance. According to official introduction, in the just-past fourth week of May 2023 (May 22-28), Ideal Auto’s weekly sales reached 7,100 units, continuing to lead the new forces brand, and won the weekly sales champion of China’s new forces brand. At the same time, in the sales of luxury brands in the Chinese market, Ideal Auto also ranks in the top five and is the highest ranking Chinese brand on the list, with weekly sales exceeding other traditional luxury brands outside of BBA.

Chinese automaker Hengchi announced that its Tianjin factory resumed full production on May 23. Deputy Secretary of the Binhai New Area District Committee and District Chief Shan Zefeng led a team to inspect the stamping, body, and assembly workshops. Thousands of workers were busy and organized, the production line was running at high speed, industrial robots were seamlessly connected, and Hengchi 5 cars were accurately transported by an automated mechanical system. Liu Yongzhuo, the president of Hengchi, said that the company will do its best to accelerate the production and delivery of Hengchi 5, and continue to promote the research and development and production of subsequent models, making the enterprise bigger and stronger, and making due contributions to the economic development of Binhai New Area and even Tianjin.

PhoneAuto has once again noticed that on the day when Musk arrived in Beijing, he met with Ningde Times Chairman Zeng Yuqun. It is reported that a 2015 Gulfstream G650ER Musk’s private jet was found to have landed at an airport in Beijing. The plane left Alaska, USA, on Tuesday morning Asia time, and then flew over Japan and South Korea. According to information previously revealed by relevant sources, Musk is expected to meet with senior Chinese officials and visit Tesla’s factory in Shanghai, which will be his first visit to China in three years.

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