Xiaomi’s CEO, Wang Hua, published an article Redmi phones have promoted the popularization of smartphones worldwide

Xiaomi CEO Wang Hua says Redmi phones popularize smartphones globally

【Phoneauto News】July 31st is the tenth anniversary of the birth of Redmi (now known as Redmi) smartphones. According to Phoneauto’s understanding, Wang Hua, the General Manager of the Public Relations Department of Xiaomi Group, posted on Weibo to reminisce about the story of the birth of Redmi smartphones and stated that Redmi smartphones have promoted the popularity of smartphones worldwide.

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Wang Hua recalled that ten years ago, in the Jinshan Building in Haidian, Beijing, a special press conference was held without a projector. Only a few dozen media reporters attended, and Lei Jun (CEO Lei) and executives from China Mobile announced the release of the Redmi 1 on-site. The birth of Redmi smartphones not only created a new record in the market but more importantly, it drove the progress of the domestic industry chain, changed the domestic public’s perception of affordable phones, and even promoted the popularity of smartphones globally.

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It can be said that the birth of Redmi smartphones was a major breakthrough for Xiaomi in the Chinese smartphone market. At that time, most mainstream brands in the market focused on high prices and high performance, while the Redmi 1 quickly won consumers’ favor with its affordable price and outstanding cost performance. This innovative market strategy not only broke the inherent perception of high-priced products in the market but also opened up a new path for the development of the Chinese smartphone market.

Lei Jun releases Redmi 1

As Wang Hua said, the success of Redmi smartphones has also driven the progress of the domestic industry chain. During the research and development and production process of Redmi smartphones, many Chinese component suppliers and contract manufacturers have gained training and improvement. This has not only enhanced their production capacity but also strengthened their competitiveness in the international market.

In the past, many people believed that only expensive phones could be good. However, the emergence of Redmi 1 changed this perception. Its appearance has made it possible for more people to purchase high-quality smartphones, thus promoting the popularity of smartphones worldwide.

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