Latest top 10 popular smartphone rankings released, Xiaomi narrowly beats Sony and ranks first on the list

Xiaomi ranks first on the latest top 10 popular smartphone rankings, beating Sony by a narrow margin

【PhoneAuto News】This year, mobile phone manufacturers are fighting fiercely, rolling out new models one after another. Among them, which models are more popular? Recently, PhoneAuto learned that a foreign website has released the latest top 10 popular mobile phone rankings. The list shows that compared with last week, popular models represented by Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Samsung A34 did not enter this week’s popular mobile phone list.

Poco F5 Pro

The foreign media mentioned that since the official release of Samsung A54 in mid-March, this is the second time it has lost its leading advantage. Currently, there are no less than four models that exceed it, and it is now ranked fifth.

This week, Poco F5 narrowly won the top spot over Sony Xperia 1 V; Poco F5 Pro also did not lag behind, ranking third; and Google’s new mid-range product Pixel 7a missed the podium and finally ranked fourth; Samsung S23 Ultra ranked sixth; followed closely by Redmi Note 12 Pro, ranking seventh; Redmi Note 12 ranked eighth, which shows that Redmi series models have a very high popularity and market overseas.

It is worth mentioning that iPhone 14 Pro Max is the only Apple phone among the top ten, ranking ninth, while Sony’s new mid-range model Xperia 10 V ranks last.

Looking at the overall list, the biggest winner this time is Xiaomi without any surprises. Sony, Redmi, and Samsung each have two models on the list; Google’s new mid-range product Pixel 7a also performed well; finally, does Poco F5 have enough ability to top the list again? Stay tuned to PhoneAuto, and we will reveal the answer next week.

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