Xiaomi’s patent on solar charging methods for terminal charging has been released

Xiaomi released a patent for solar charging methods for device charging

【PhoneAuto News】Since the concept of solar energy was proposed, related ideas and products have been emerging continuously. Although this energy is already used in various large-scale productions, it is not widely used in people’s daily lives. Recently, Xiaomi’s patent on solar charging methods was revealed, which may bring solar energy into our daily lives.

According to the Enterprise Check App, Xiaomi’s patent on “solar charging method, device, equipment, and storage medium” was published. The application date was November 26, 20201, and the publication date was May 30, 20230. The inventor is Tang Kedi.

The abstract of this patent shows: This disclosure is about a solar charging method, device, equipment, and storage medium. The method includes: obtaining the solar light intensity of the current environment of the terminal equipment based on the light detection module; in response to detecting that the solar light intensity meets the set conditions, controlling the variable state cover to present the first state, allowing the solar light to enter the solar energy collection module when the variable state cover presents the first state; controlling the solar energy collection module to collect the solar energy generated by the solar light; controlling the solar energy conversion module to convert the solar energy into electricity for charging the battery of the terminal equipment. This disclosure can use solar energy to charge terminal equipment, ensuring users’ normal use of terminal equipment when traveling outdoors, alleviating users’ anxiety about battery, and improving user experience.

Solar energy is one of the free and renewable energy sources available to humans every day, without pollution. If Xiaomi’s patent can be successfully commercialized, at least in the case of mobile phones, it can have a certain effect in alleviating users’ anxiety about battery life.

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