Xiaopeng G6 officially launched! Starting price of 209,900 yuan, with a maximum range of 755 kilometers

Xiaopeng G6 launched! Price starts at 209,900 yuan, range maxes at 755 km

【PhoneAuto News】 On June 29th, Xiaopeng’s new pure electric mid-size SUV, Xiaopeng G6, was officially launched. The new car offers 5 models with a price range of 209,900 to 2,769,000 yuan. The vehicle is built on the “SEPA2.0” floating architecture and features the XNGP intelligent assisted driving system, equipped with the Xmart OS 4.0 intelligent in-car system. As of June 28th, the number of Xiaopeng G6 orders has exceeded 35,000 units.

Xiaopeng G6

In terms of appearance, Xiaopeng G6 adopts the popular coupe SUV design style. The front face design still uses the Robot Face family design, with a family-style light strip decoration on the front of the car, which is highly recognizable. From the side, the car adopts a sleek design with very smooth body lines. The entire car, including hidden door handles and wheel rims, has a total of 17 low-drag designs, with a drag coefficient of 0.248Cd, showing a strong sense of sportiness. In terms of colors, the car will be available in 7 exterior colors, including Melted Cloud Orange, Starry Rain Green, Photon Blue, New Moon Silver, Star Gate Gray, and Starry Sky White.

In terms of size, the length, width, and height of Xiaopeng G6 are 4753/1920/1650 millimeters, with a wheelbase of 2890 millimeters and a wheelbase ratio of 60.8%.

Entering the car, Xiaopeng G6’s center console incorporates a “Vector Star Ring” design, equipped with a 10.2-inch full LCD instrument panel and a 14.96-inch central control screen. It comes with an elliptical dual-spoke multifunction steering wheel and built-in Xmart OS 4.0 car system, supporting full-scene four-tone zone voice function, giving a strong sense of technology. In terms of configuration, the car is equipped with windless intelligent air conditioning, panoramic sunroof, front seat heating/ventilation, wireless charging panel for mobile phones, and 18 speakers, among other features.

In terms of intelligent assisted driving, the Xiaopeng G6 is equipped with a total of 31 intelligent driving sensors and 2 Nvidia Orin-X assisted driving chips, with a total computing power of up to 508 TOPS. It has functions such as urban NGP intelligent navigation assistance, high-speed NGP intelligent navigation assistance, and VPA-L parking memory parking.

In terms of power, the Xiaopeng G6 is built on an 800-volt high-voltage silicon carbide platform and is equipped with an 800-volt XPower electric drive system. It provides both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The maximum power of the two-wheel drive model is 218 kW, with a peak torque of 440 Nm; the comprehensive power of the four-wheel drive model is 358 kW, with a comprehensive torque of 660 Nm.

In terms of range, the Xiaopeng G6 adopts CIB battery body integration technology and 3C fast charging cells. It can achieve a range increase of 300 kilometers with a 10-minute charge and has a maximum range of 755 kilometers under CLTC conditions.

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