Xiaopeng Motors issues announcement Crackdown on occupying charging station spots with a penalty of 1 yuan per minute for exceeding the allotted time

Xiaopeng Motors will penalize those who occupy charging station spots with a fee of 1 yuan per minute for surpassing the designated time

【Phoneauto News】On August 8th, Phoneauto noticed that Xiaopeng Supercharge officially announced in the Xiaopeng Car APP that they will crack down on “occupying charging stations without charging” behavior. It has been found recently that some vehicles occupy charging stations without actually charging or plug in without charging, resulting in the waste of charging resources.

In order to reduce this behavior, the company has stated that it will further strengthen the management of charging stations, deploy comprehensive monitoring, inspect station conditions, and increase inspection frequency. When “occupying charging stations without charging” behavior is discovered, Xiaopeng Car will remind the owners through information and phone calls. Starting from the moment of occupation, a fee of 1 yuan per minute will be charged. Failure to pay the fee on time will affect the normal use of Xiaopeng’s own charging stations. In addition, Xiaopeng Car has reserved 30 minutes to avoid situations where owners cannot unplug the charger promptly after charging.

In fact, adopting the method of “charging overtime fee” to prevent charging stations from being occupied and thus improve the utilization rate of charging stations, has become a common choice for car companies such as NIO, Tesla, and Xpeng. On July 5th, when NIO launched a new version of its charging APP, it also began to trial-run charging overtime fees for supercharging stations, 500 kW ultra-fast charging stations, and some other charging stations. Tesla, as early as 2016, introduced rules on parking space occupation. In 2019, Tesla modified the previous charging rate of 2.6 yuan per minute to the current 3.2 yuan per minute during idle time and 6.4 yuan per minute during busy time. Xpeng’s regulation for supercharging stations is that if a parking space is occupied for more than 30 minutes while not charging, an overtime fee of 1 yuan per minute will be charged, and less than one minute will be counted as one minute, with a cap of 50 yuan per occurrence.

According to official data, as of April 1st, Xiaopeng Motors has accumulated over 2,200 charging stations nationwide. Xiaopeng has more than 1,000 self-operated stations, including over 800 supercharging stations and over 200 destination stations.

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