Yiwu NIO experienced an accident and fire resulting in casualties NIO Will cooperate with the investigation

Yiwu NIO suffered accident and fire with casualties NIO will cooperate with investigation

【Phoneauto News】According to the Yiwu Public Security Bureau, at around 14:48 on August 1st, a traffic accident occurred at the Lingyun overpass section of Airport Road. After receiving the report, the bureau immediately coordinated with the fire department, ambulance, and other forces to carry out accident disposal and on-site rescue work.


Investigation revealed that the driver, Mr. Shen, was driving a small ordinary passenger car and collided with a road column at the intersection of Huan Cheng West Road and the auxiliary road of Airport Road, causing the vehicle to catch fire. It is understood that the driver, Mr. Shen, died after ineffective rescue. There were no other passengers in the vehicle, and the cause of the accident is still under investigation. From the accident scene pictures circulated on the internet, it can be seen that a fire occurred at the scene of the accident, with the vehicle catching fire after colliding with the road column. The fire engulfed the vehicle, and after the fire was brought under control, the accident vehicle had disintegrated with some parts scattered on the roadside. It is understood that the involved vehicle is the NIO ES8 electric vehicle.

Police announcement

After the accident, NIO staff responded to the incident, and company personnel have arrived at the scene to assist with handling and will cooperate with relevant departments in the investigation. “We are very sorry for this accident. The specific handling methods need to be coordinated with the leadership, and we are not very clear about the specific situation. The results of the follow-up handling will also be made public.” It is understood that the NIO ES8 is NIO’s next large-sized pure electric SUV, with the latest price ranging from 4.96 million yuan to 6.56 million yuan.

Accident scene photos (image source: internet)

Also this afternoon, NIO announced its sales figures for July. NIO delivered 20,462 new vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 103.6% and a month-on-month increase of 91.1%, reaching a historical new high in deliveries. Among them, the new ES6 delivered over 10,000 vehicles, marking the first time NIO has delivered over 10,000 units of a single model in a month. From January to July 2023, NIO has delivered a total of 75,023 new vehicles. NIO has delivered a cumulative total of 364,579 new vehicles.

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