Can you believe it? Currently, you can buy a foldable screen phone for less than 5000 yuan!

You can buy a foldable screen phone for less than 5000 yuan now!

【PhoneAuto】For many users, the foldable screen has always been a “high-end” product, and of course, here “high” refers to the high price. As more and more manufacturers enter the foldable screen market, prices are constantly decreasing. Previously, only phones priced over 10,000 yuan were available, but now you can find good products priced below 10,000 yuan. So, can our ordinary users have even more demanding requirements for foldable screens? For example, can we find options under 5,000 yuan?

A few days ago, I noticed that the Huawei Pocket S series had reduced its price by 1,000 yuan. As a result, the price of the 8GB+128GB version has dropped to 4,988 yuan. Although the Huawei store currently shows “notify me when available”, the price below 5,000 yuan will indeed attract a lot of attention, especially for users who want to try foldable screen products. With the Huawei brand and the appearance of Pocket S, it is bound to boost sales. Of course, this price reduction is likely to pave the way for new products.

In keeping with the principle of the lowest price, I started looking for the cheapest foldable screen phones currently available on various manufacturers’ official websites:

Xiaomi’s is the MIX Fold, priced at 7,999 yuan;

OPPO’s is the Find N2 Flip, starting at 5,999 yuan;

Vivo’s is the X Flip, priced at 5,999 yuan;

Honor’s is the Magic Vs, starting at 7,499 yuan;

The above products include those released last year and those released this year. Among them, the cheapest Samsung Z Flip 3 was released in 2021. Although it’s been a while since it was released, the original price of 7199 yuan has dropped to the current 4899 yuan, which is indeed quite attractive. It can be seen that buying an “old” foldable screen phone has a higher cost performance. At the same time, in these products, there are versions of Huawei Pocket S, Samsung Z Flip 3, and Moto Razr 2022 with prices below 5000 yuan, and they are all small foldable products. Relatively speaking, Honor and Xiaomi lack small foldable product layouts, and their prices may be slightly higher. However, there is news that they are expected to launch related new products this year, so everyone can look forward to it.

For foldable screen products, they can indeed have a lot of appeal when taken out on the street, especially when foldable screen phones were just introduced. But in the past two years, due to the increase in overall shipment volume and the decline in prices of foldable screens, it has become common to see a foldable screen phone in daily life.

As for what you are buying when you buy a foldable screen phone, it can actually be interpreted from two perspectives. One is to experience the cutting-edge technology. After all, the process of foldable screen phones is much more complicated than that of traditional straight-board machines. Thanks to the form of foldable screens, there will also be some new experiences, such as hover mode and rear selfies. The second is to satisfy spiritual needs, such as social needs and curiosity needs. When these two factors are combined, foldable screen phones become the only choice for many people.

Take the Huawei Mate X3 as an example. Although it has been released for some time, it is still in a premium state, and it seems impossible to buy an X3 without an additional fee. Let’s analyze this product. Technologically speaking, it condenses almost all of Huawei’s new technologies, such as Kunpeng Glass, bidirectional Beidou satellite messaging, super-sensing XMAGE imaging, new generation double-rotating water drop hinges, silicon-carbon negative electrode batteries, HarmonyOS 3.1, and so on. Moreover, the weight of the body is controlled at around 240g, which solves the problem of the lightness and thinness of the foldable screen and improves the user experience. This is very practical and requires technology. To put it in the words of many netizens: Except for 4G, the Huawei Mate X3 has almost no shortcomings. If it had 5G, it would probably leave no room for other manufacturers.

From a spiritual perspective, the Huawei brand holds a different position in the hearts of many users, especially in recent years when Huawei has shown resilience in the face of numerous difficulties, which is a true reflection of Huawei’s spirit. Over the past few years, Huawei has explored the field of smartphones and successfully climbed to the high-end market with its Mate and P series, becoming a brand that can compete with Apple and Samsung. From both the brand and high-end market shipment perspective, consumers are very supportive of Huawei, which makes giving someone a Huawei foldable phone feel more subtle.

Of course, in addition to Huawei, other domestic manufacturers’ foldable screens are also on the rise, which shows the market prospects for foldable screens. Although it is still far from everyone having one, buying early and enjoying it is also a new way of life. For manufacturers, when it is difficult to find a focus point to attack the high-end market with traditional straight-board machines, foldable screens become a lifesaver. Whoever seizes this opportunity will have more confidence when taking down the high-end market.

For ordinary users, they may rarely come into contact with foldable screen products, which can further intensify their curiosity and create a sense of “perfection”. However, just like how no one is perfect, foldable screens are not perfect either. They, like other products, are gradually perfected through generations of technological updates. It’s better to approach them with a calm and ordinary heart.

1. The problem of fold creases is difficult to avoid. Compared to straight-board machines, the biggest concern when buying a foldable phone may be the fold creases. The new machine may not show obvious creases at first, but after using it for a few years, there will be a faint crease, which may be difficult for users with OCD to accept. Especially when you switch from a straight-board machine to a foldable screen with full joy, this situation may bring a great sense of disappointment, so everyone needs to have a psychological expectation. Fortunately, manufacturers are constantly exploring this area, and new products often perform better.

2. The weight issue of foldable screens cannot be ignored. Although foldable screen phones (large foldable screens) have larger screens and are more comfortable to use, their weight often reaches around 300g. With long-term use, hand pressure will increase. Therefore, before buying, you can first go to a physical store to try it out and see if you can accept it. However, from the feeling point of view, when using it after unfolding the foldable screen, the weight will be dispersed. Even if it is slightly heavier, compared with the same weight straight board machine, it will still feel better. If it is a small foldable screen, this concern can be eliminated, and there is not much difference in weight from a traditional straight board machine.

3. Image quality is often not the strongest point. Foldable screen phones focus more on the overall user experience and balance all functions. If you are very concerned about image quality, then foldable screens may not be able to meet your needs very well. From this demand point of view, the brand’s flagship image product seems to be more suitable.

For consumers, the price of foldable screen phones at around 5000 yuan has a very strong appeal. Whether to buy a foldable screen or a traditional straight board machine at this price has become a dilemma for many people. If you want to try something new, you can actually try a foldable screen, but if you want stability, traditional straight board machines are still the mainstream choice. Of course, with foldable screen phones crossing the threshold of 5000 yuan, it is believed that more products will join this category in the future, which may be new products or some old models. Let’s look forward to it.

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