Zhao Changjiang talks about the Tengshi N8 again Tengshi X upgraded and replaced, the only full-scene SUV in the same price range

Zhao Changjiang discusses the upgrade and replacement of the Tengshi N8, the only full-scene SUV in its price range

【Phoneauto News】On August 5th, the new model of Tengshi Motors, Tengshi N8, was officially launched. The new car is available in two versions: the four-wheel drive hybrid flagship six-seater version priced at 326,800 yuan, and the four-wheel drive hybrid flagship seven-seater version priced at 319,800 yuan. On the morning of August 8th, Zhao Changjiang, the general manager of Tengshi Sales Division, introduced Tengshi N8 again in a Weibo post.

Tengshi N8

Zhao Changjiang stated that Tengshi N8 is the only luxury, off-road, camping, safe, intelligent, comfortable, drivable, and qualified for towing SUV in the 320,000 yuan level. It’s a multi-purpose vehicle, like having three cars in one. The seat layout of Tengshi N8 is flexible, and the front two rows of seats in the 6/7-seater version are very comfortable. It comes with two small tables as standard equipment, which is convenient for both business and home use. The third row is also spacious, the trunk is flat, and it balances both storage and seating.

Zhao Changjiang talks about Tengshi N8

Zhao Changjiang said, “Tengshi N8 is an upgraded version of Tengshi X, inheriting and upgrading the all-aluminum high-performance chassis platform of X, which is both off-road and comfortable. So our thinking is: if an SUV is only a dad’s car for commuting in the city, we think it’s not enough. We hope it can be both a super family car and a camping off-road vehicle, taking care of everyone and every scenario! We hope every customer can strive for success.”

Tesla N8

It is understood that the Tesla N8 is equipped with the DM-p super hybrid system, equipped with the EHS hybrid system + 1.5T flagship engine with a 40.12% high thermal efficiency. The motor has a comprehensive power of 360 kW, and the 0-100 km/h acceleration is only 4.3 seconds. In addition, it has an industry-leading plug-in hybrid model with a 90 kW fast charge, ensuring worry-free replenishment of energy. It also features a 45.8 kWh hybrid-exclusive blade battery, with a pure electric range of 216 km under NEDC conditions, a comprehensive range of 1030 km, and a fuel consumption of only 6.45 L/100 km.

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