Zhu Xiaotong resigns as the legal representative of Tesla Motor Sales and Service (Beijing) Co, Ltd

Zhu Xiaotong resigns as legal representative of Tesla Beijing

【Phoneauto News】Recently, Phoneauto noticed that according to the information displayed on the Qichacha APP, Tesla Automobile Sales Service (Dalian) Co., Ltd. recently underwent a business change. Zhu Xiaotong stepped down from the position of legal representative and general manager, and these positions were taken over by Wang Hao. The information shows that Wang Hao is currently not only the legal representative and general manager of Tesla Automobile Sales Service (Dalian) Co., Ltd., but also the legal representative and general manager of Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Tesla Automobile (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Tesla (Shanghai) New Energy Co., Ltd., and Tesla Automobile Sales Service (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and other companies.

Vice President of Tesla, President of Greater China, Zhu Xiaotong

According to the information on the Qichacha APP, Tesla Automobile Sales Service (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was established in December 2019 with a registered capital of 1 million US dollars, fully owned by Tesla Automobile Hong Kong Co., Ltd. Currently, Zhu Xiaotong still serves as the chairman of the company. According to the industrial and commercial information, the business scope of Tesla Automobile Sales Service (Dalian) Co., Ltd. includes car sales, used car acquisition and sales, charging equipment leasing, charging station installation, car maintenance, and so on.

It is worth paying attention to the resignation of Zhu Xiaotong as the legal representative of Tesla Automobile Sales Service (Dalian) Co., Ltd. In early 2023, there was news that Musk would step down as CEO of Tesla, and at that time, Zhu Xiaotong was a possible candidate to succeed Musk. Currently, Zhu Xiaotong is Vice President of Tesla and President of Greater China. In early April 2023, Tesla officially appointed Zhu Xiaotong as Senior Vice President of Tesla Automotive Business. Within Tesla, Zhu Xiaotong is one of the top executives second only to Musk in terms of status.

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