vivo X Fold2 A more user-friendly foldable screen flagship with less weight, no reduction in quality

The vivo X Fold2 is a lightweight foldable screen flagship that maintains quality and user-friendliness

In the current smartphone market, “foldable screens” have become a new choice for many users. According to IDC data, the shipment volume of foldable screen phones in China in 2022 is 3.3 million units, a year-on-year increase of 118%. This also shows that more and more users are beginning to accept this new form of product.

vivo X Fold2

The “foldable screen” form has been around for several years, and major manufacturers have been continuously improving core components such as hinges and screens, making foldable screen phones more mature by improving the folding screen experience.

One of the reasons why many people are enthusiastic about foldable screen phones is the ability to enjoy a dual experience of phone and tablet on one device. However, making foldable screen phones more user-friendly also requires a lighter, thinner, and more reliable design, which is exactly the core upgrade of the vivo X Fold2 this year.

“Reducing weight without reducing quality”

The premise for foldable screens to become the main device is that the usage burden must be low enough. While ensuring reliability, major manufacturers have chosen to focus on “reducing weight” as an upgrade this year.

The overall weight of the vivo X Fold2 is 278g, and the thinnest area after unfolding is 6.06mm.

The vivo X Fold2 has also made many efforts in the direction of “reducing usage burden”. Its overall weight is 278g, and the thinnest area after unfolding is 6.06mm. Compared with the previous generation, it has made significant progress in thickness and weight.

The burden of holding the vivo X Fold2 with one hand is smaller.

However, just as exercising is for improving physical fitness rather than simply reducing numbers, “weight loss” in foldable screens does not mean “downgrade”. In the core areas of the screen and hinge, the quality of the vivo X Fold2 is still excellent. Both its inner and outer screens are Samsung E6 screens, both support a refresh rate of 120Hz. The inner screen has a ratio of 4:3.55, a peak brightness of up to 1800 nit, and a resolution of 2160 × 1916; the outer screen is a classic 21:9 with a peak brightness of 1600 nit and a resolution of 2520 × 1080. From a data perspective, the vivo X Fold2 still provides a consistent high-quality experience for both screens, and the two industry-leading screens also allow everyone who gets the vivo X Fold2 to experience a seamless experience.

vivo X Fold2

The hinge is also the key to foldable screens. Factors that affect the experience, such as the lifespan of the foldable screen and screen creases, depend on the quality of the hinge. This time, vivo accommodates high-quality hinges in an even more extreme space by adopting an innovative integrated structural design and using higher-strength materials. It also retains the hovering design of 60°-120°, which can bring more diverse gameplay with software.

The hinge of the vivo X Fold2 supports hovering

In addition, the upgraded hinge further improves the flatness of the screen. The water-drop hinge diameter of the vivo X Fold2 has been upgraded from 4.6mm in the first generation to 5.0mm, which means that the curvature of the screen is lower and the center area of the screen is flatter when unfolded.

From the first generation of foldable screens to the present, vivo has always adhered to the design concept of “first flagship, then foldable”, while slimming down the device, maintaining the experience of a foldable screen. The 3D ultrasonic dual-screen fingerprint scanner, which was highly praised in the previous generation, is still retained in the X Fold2. Compared with traditional optical fingerprint scanners, the 3D ultrasonic screen fingerprint scanner has stronger anti-interference ability and higher security, and can unlock both internal and external screens after a single screen input, greatly improving convenience.

The vivo X Fold2 has a score of 1.31 million in the Antutu benchmark test.

In terms of performance, we can also see that the vivo X Fold2 adheres to the concept of “first flagship, then foldable”. It is equipped with leading hardware and a performance iron triangle combination of the second generation Snapdragon 8+LPDDR5X+UFS 4.0, which also shows us what a flagship device should look like. In the Antutu test, this performance combination scored 1.31 million points, which is in line with our expectations.

Foldable screens are highly favored by business users, so vivo has conducted in-depth exploration of the SPU of the second generation Snapdragon 8 in the X Fold2, and further improved the overall security by customizing the built-in security processing unit.

The vivo X Fold2 has a 4800mAh battery inside the foldable body.

In addition to the current strongest “performance iron triangle”, the battery life of foldable screens is also a key concern for many users. The limited space inside a foldable screen phone makes it possible to accommodate a larger capacity battery while slimming down the device, and this requires optimization and improvement in the internal design of the device.

This time, the vivo X Fold2 further increased the battery capacity to 4800mAh while reducing the thickness and weight. The two batteries use series connection technology, which can provide sufficient lasting battery life. Moreover, on this basis, the vivo X Fold2 also brings 120W dual-cell flash charging to foldable screen phones. Perhaps we often hear “hundred watts” or “super hundred watts” fast charging in straight-screen phones, but achieving 120W fast charging in a foldable screen can be said to be rare.

vivo X Fold2 charging curve

After actual testing, it takes about half an hour to charge the vivo X Fold2 from 1% to 100%, and there is no obvious hot feeling when touching the whole machine during the charging process. This is also due to the large area of VC liquid cooling and nano thermal conductive gel inside the vivo X Fold2. Its VC area is as high as 2558mm 2, which is about 2.2 times larger than the previous generation. At the same time, the thermal conductivity coefficient of the thermal conductive gel is also higher, which can quickly export the heat generated by the core components.

vivo X Fold2 has good heat control during charging

It is also worth mentioning that the vivo X Fold2 also retains the flagship standard of “wireless charging”. It has not left because of slimming, but also has a charging power of up to 50W, which is also the fastest wireless charging in the foldable screen field.

vivo X Fold2 supports 5G dual card dual standby. Two 5G cards can be online at the same time.

As for the details, the vivo X Fold2 has everything it should have. As can be seen from the upper right corner of the picture above, the vivo X Fold2 supports 5G dual card dual standby, and two 5G cards can be online at the same time. When one card is making a call, the other card can still surf the Internet or send and receive messages at high speed. In addition, the independently designed mute button for business people has also been retained, which can easily enter mute mode with a light flick and is quite attractive.

A more comprehensive experience

Compared to traditional flat smartphones, the advantage of a foldable screen is the ability to utilize the folding feature to accommodate a larger screen in a smaller phone. The majority of people who buy foldable screen phones have a higher demand for larger screens, so the experience of the internal foldable big screen directly determines the usability of the foldable screen phone.

The bottom of the vivo X Fold2 has a Dock bar design

Vivo has also adopted multiple optimization solutions to improve the big screen experience with the X Fold2, among which the Dock bar at the bottom of the screen is a key factor that can enhance daily use efficiency. It has more efficient multitasking capabilities, and represents that after the foldable screen is unfolded, the vivo X Fold2 is no longer just a “super large screen phone”, but a more functional “tablet computer”.

Split screen multitasking and the appearance of the bottom Dock bar further improve the efficiency of use. The Dock bar of vivo X Fold2 is divided into two parts, with five fixed apps on the left and three recently used background apps on the right. When switching between different apps, just click on the app without returning to the desktop or opening the background switch. From the perspective of daily use scenarios, the five fixed high-frequency apps on the left can already cover daily high-frequency usage scenarios, and the three dynamic positions on the right can also satisfy the number of applications for high-frequency switching.

Dragging out applications from the Dock bar

The experience of using split screen or small window mode is also very natural on the Dock bar. Just long press the app fixed on the Dock bar and drag it, to open different apps at the same time in split screen or small window mode. Compared to the previous operation of “first split screen/open small window and then find the second app”, the experience of directly dragging apps on the Dock bar is more natural and intuitive.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about the Dock bar at the bottom affecting the display of content. If you want a more complete display view, you can hide the bottom Dock bar by long-pressing on the blank area of the Dock bar.

Long-press to hide the Dock bar

In addition to the Dock bar, various functions based on the hovering hinge also give the vivo X Fold2 a more complete user experience. When watching videos, folding the X Fold2 into a hovering state allows you to browse content in the upper half of the screen and slide and drag the progress bar in the lower half without worrying about your fingers blocking the content. In the state of video calling, you can also control the volume and other information in the lower half of the screen by folding the device.

When shooting, the hovering hinge also brings “waist-level framing” to the X Fold2. By shooting from a low angle, you can create a unique visual experience.

Of course, this is not possible without the help of the Zeiss imaging system. This time, the vivo X Fold2 uses the Zeiss triple camera imaging system, with three lenses: a 50 million pixel VCS biomimetic spectral large bottom main lens, a 12 million pixel portrait lens, and a 12 million pixel ultra-wide angle lens, paired with vivo’s classic Zeiss T* coating and Zeiss lens package, creating a better shooting experience.

Using the vivo X Fold2 to shoot

Using the vivo X Fold2 to shoot

Thanks to Zeiss’s help, vivo has achieved considerable success in the field of portrait photography in recent years. From the Biotar-style blurring effect to the Cine-flare solar flare effect, vivo’s flagship phones have brought us a rich variety of gameplay in the field of “portrait photography”, and have also made many people fall in love with the experience of using their phones to “shoot them”. In the X Fold2, all of the style blurring effects that vivo has developed in recent years in collaboration with Zeiss are retained, and when using the 2X lens that is in line with the human eye viewing angle in daily life, portrait photos can also become more atmospheric.

Taken with vivo X Fold2

Taken with vivo X Fold2

Taken with vivo X Fold2

In addition to the 2X portrait lens, the other lenses of the vivo X Fold2 also perform quite well. During daily shooting, you only need to choose the appropriate focal length according to different shooting scenes to easily capture satisfactory works.

Still elegant after losing weight

From the first generation vivo X Fold to the current vivo X Fold2, vivo has its own design concept for the appearance of foldable screens. Taking the Chinese red color we received as an example, the vivo X Fold2 still uses the classic bright red color. The body design of the plain leather and glass also adds a touch of personality to it. The design of the splicing of different materials on the left and right sides adopts the concept of “Yin and Yang” and retains traditional Chinese culture on the back of the fuselage.

vivo X Fold2

If you look carefully, you can also see the exquisite feather pattern in the X Fold2 imaging system area, as well as the words “VARIO-TESSAR”, “T*”, and other words in the lens area. These wonderful little thoughts may not be noticed by us in ordinary times, but when you hold it in your hand and observe it carefully, you can also feel vivo’s control over design in detail.

vivo X Fold2

It is worth noting that the height of the lenses of the vivo X Fold2 is much lower than that of the previous generation, and with the rounded transition, it doesn’t look abrupt.

Final Words

To become a leading foldable phone, the first step is naturally to provide flagship-level hardware. On the basis of powerful hardware, reducing the burden of use by reducing thickness and weight can also make more people willing to pick up foldable phones and enjoy the new experience brought by foldable screens.

vivo X Fold2

In addition, various hovering functions, bottom Dock bar, and so on, are the convenient features brought by vivo X Fold2 based on the new form of foldable screens. These functions undoubtedly make the foldable screen form of phones more user-friendly.

From the earliest “novelty” to the “main force” in many users’ hands today, the experience of foldable phones has also been increasingly improved in the process of continuous iteration and updates. “First flagship, then foldable” is vivo’s thinking in the field of foldable screens. In vivo X Fold2, we also see the charm of foldable screens.

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