vivo Y78+ Review Carrying the Song Dynasty Aesthetic, Injecting Cultural Background into Design

vivo Y78+ Review Song Dynasty Aesthetic in Design with Cultural Background

【PhoneAuto Review】With a strong focus on bringing exquisite and beautiful technology products to users, vivo, which has aesthetic DNA, has always been committed to this goal. The color of jade created by the jade glass technology first introduced by the vivo S16 series has not faded from the author’s mind. Now, vivo has brought the vivo Y78+, which carries the Tianqing porcelain aesthetic design, to stunningly appear. Drawing inspiration from Song Dynasty Ru kiln, this model brings consumers a touch of Tianqing color that no longer needs to wait for the rain.

Inheriting the Song Dynasty porcelain aesthetics, a machine body with a texture of Tianqing color that does not need to wait for the rain

“Tianqing color waits for the rain, and I wait for you.” This song “Blue and White Porcelain” has become popular all over the country since its release, and it is still enduring today. However, interestingly, the most famous line describes not blue and white porcelain, but Ru kiln’s Tianqing porcelain. Only in the misty rainy weather can such exquisite and unique Tianqing color be burned out.

The vivo Y78+ reproduces the blue as clear as the sky effect of the Ru kiln through nearly a thousand ink adjustments. The body reflects a warm and transparent warm color under the light, but can also present a slightly blue appearance under dark light. In order to achieve the warm and jade-like texture, vivo has applied innovative ceramic texture coating for the first time. This technology can form a seven-layer overlay effect through nanometer-level coating process, ultimately making the vivo Y78+ present a warm and transparent texture like jade and ceramics.

In addition, the sky blue porcelain of Ru Kiln will present a fine grain texture effect after firing, which will give the porcelain a unique beauty. However, if this kind of texture is directly applied to a phone, it will appear fragmented and torn. Therefore, the vivo Y78+ has selected a visual light and shadow effect similar to the natural disappearance of wall cracks in arc-shaped ceramics, that is, the willow leaf pattern that is as thin as cicada wings and jumps on the fingertips. In order to achieve this effect, the back panel of the vivo Y78+ is precisely textured through nano-lithography, and after dozens of designs, the shattered and torn feeling of the original Ru Kiln texture is removed, while retaining a faintly visible texture effect.

On the front, the vivo Y78+ is equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate flagship OLED curved screen, which is also the first phone in vivo’s Y series to be equipped with a 3D OLED curved screen. The screen borders can also achieve visual four-side equal width effect.

In addition, the vivo Y78+ supports 120Hz adaptive variable speed high refresh rate. When the screen displays dynamic content, it can display 120 frames per second, making the display content smoother. When the screen displays static content, the vivo Y78+ reduces the screen refresh rate and operates with lower power consumption.

In terms of screen display effect, the vivo Y78+ supports 105% NTSC color gamut and 100% P3 color gamut, coupled with a contrast ratio of 8000000:1, making the display color more vivid and the visual effect better. At the same time, the screen brightness contrast of the vivo Y78+ has also increased by 53% compared to the previous generation, making it easier to see the screen content in scenes with sufficient outdoor lighting.

First support for OIS optical stabilization, stable shooting of wonderful moments

In terms of imaging, the vivo Y78+ adopts a dual-lens design for the rear camera, consisting of a 50-megapixel main camera and a 2-megapixel blur lens. The front camera is an 8-megapixel lens. It is worth mentioning that the main camera of this model supports OIS optical stabilization, which is also the first in vivo’s Y series to support OIS optical stabilization. This technology can use the lens to compensate for the blur caused by hand shaking during shooting, especially in shooting dark scenes such as night scenes, which can greatly improve the success rate and increase the sensitivity.

Shooting night scenes has always been a big challenge for mobile phones. The photos taken have more noise and a dirty feeling. In this regard, the vivo Y78+ can rely on OIS optical stabilization to correct the shaking of the picture and remove overly blurred parts. When brightening the picture, the multi-frame noise reduction algorithm can remove the noise generated, presenting a clear and clean image.

Taken by vivo Y78+

In addition, the OIS optical stabilization supported by the vivo Y78+ main camera can also capture wonderful moments, such as capturing the scenery passing by on a train or the passing traffic on the roadside. And when shooting far-off scenery that requires telephoto, it can also reduce shaking and make the imaging more stable. During the few days of testing, the 2x telephoto was used the most by the author.

Taken by vivo Y78+

Taken by vivo Y78+

Taken by vivo Y78+

Not only does the vivo Y78+ perform well in hardware technology for imaging, it also puts effort into software algorithms. The device can analyze users’ age and gender through micrometer-level portrait detection, and then perform targeted effect processing. In the field of portrait beauty of vivo imaging, Y78+’s five-fold ultra-quality beauty is compared with the previous generation’s algorithm. On the basis of existing skin color, face shape, and facial features, the skin smoothing and facial feature algorithms have been iteratively upgraded, making the portrait skin texture delicate and the effect more natural.

Taken by vivo Y78+

In addition, the vivo Y78+ also supports video beauty for WeChat, DingTalk, YiXin, and Umeet during video calls, and users can adjust it according to their own preferences to present themselves better.

Reject “overheating” and meet the daily performance requirements

The vivo Y78+ uses a mid-range Snapdragon 695 chip in the phone’s core, which is consistent with Y78+’s positioning. This chip uses a 6nm low-power process technology, so the power consumption is lower and the performance is more stable during daily use. In AnTuTu, the score of vivo Y78+ reached 420,000+, which can be said to be the top level of Snapdragon 695 chips.

In terms of memory, the vivo Y78+ adopts a combination of 12GB+256GB of ultra-large memory, among which the 256GB ROM space can store about 65,000 photos or 26,000 songs. If you are worried that the 12GB of RAM space is not large enough, the vivo Y78+ also supports memory fusion technology, which can call ROM space for RAM usage, achieving a large RAM space of 12GB+8GB, thereby allowing the highest number of background apps to be kept active, up to 29. However, most users will not have so many apps running in the background, so there is no need to worry that the vivo Y78+ will experience lag due to insufficient operating memory.

Speaking of phone performance, the gaming experience is naturally indispensable. The vivo Y78+ is equipped with Game Magic Box. During the game, users can call out the Dock bar from the left side, which mainly includes four functional panels: performance panel, game tools, game center, and system small window. The performance panel provides three modes: power-saving mode, balanced mode, and performance mode. Users can choose the appropriate game mode according to their needs.

In terms of game testing, the author selected the current mainstream MOBA game-King of Glory. The game settings are all set to the highest level that the phone can support, specifically setting the frame rate to high, the resolution to ultra-high, and the overall picture quality to ultimate. In two games totaling more than 30 minutes, the actual frame rate of the game can basically be maintained at around 60, and there is no lag or other issues even in the most complex 5V5 team battles.

Thanks to the low power consumption performance of the Snapdragon 695, during half an hour of game testing, the part of the phone held by the author did not feel any heating, and other parts of the phone, except for the camera module area, were slightly warm, but this can be almost ignored.

In other aspects, the vivo Y78+ has chosen a combination of 5000mAh+44W flash charging for endurance. Although the fast charging speed is not fast, it extends the life of the phone battery better. The battery of vivo Y78+ still has a capacity of over 80% after 1600 complete charge and discharge cycles, far higher than the industry-recognized standard of 800 charge and discharge cycles with a remaining capacity of greater than or equal to 80%. In addition, the screen of vivo Y78+ has undergone 32,000 micro-drop tests and can withstand test challenges beyond industry standards such as -20℃ rapid freezing and 50℃ high-temperature roasting, ensuring users with a stable long-term use experience.


Overall, the vivo Y78+ has taken away many “firsts” of the vivo Y-series products, such as the first to be equipped with 3D OLED curved screen and the first to be equipped with OIS optical stabilization. Moreover, vivo Y78+ has also integrated the Ru kiln sky blue porcelain, one of the five famous kilns in Song Dynasty, into the back panel design of the phone, depicting the vibrant color of rain and sky blue with ingenious light and shadow, presenting a restrained and elegant connotation and a warm and transparent texture. It can be said that the vivo’s aesthetic DNA has been brought to the extreme and also allows users to find peace and tranquility in this busy and noisy work and life through this touch of blue.

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