iQOO Neo8 Pro How well does the first Pro model of the Neo family perform?

How well does the iQOO Neo8 Pro perform as the first Pro model of the Neo family?

Within iQOO’s product line, the Neo series often appears before our eyes. In the eyes of many consumers, the Neo series has “high-end specifications”, but the price threshold is low, so users do not need to pay a high cost in order to enjoy a complete and smooth experience.

iQOO Neo8 Pro

However, iQOO does not stop there. While the Neo series is evolving and iterating, it also needs to introduce a more professional and comprehensive experience. In the latest iQOO Neo8 series, the official has introduced the Pro model for the first time in the Neo series. This iQOO Neo8 Pro fully maximizes everything from the chip to storage, screen, imaging, battery, etc. and with the name “Pro”, takes the Neo series experience to new heights.

Today, let’s take a look at the first Pro model of the iQOO Neo series and see how it performs.

The performance of the iQOO Neo series has never disappointed us. This time, as the first model with “Pro” in its name, the all-new iQOO Neo8 Pro fully embodies “Pro” in terms of performance. It is equipped with the Dimensity 9200+ chip, paired with the highest spec 16GB LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0 storage currently available, which can be said to elevate the Neo series to the same level as the iQOO digital series.

Dimensity 9200+

The addition of the Dimensity 9200+ makes the iQOO Neo8 Pro even more eye-catching. This is a brand new flagship SoC launched by MediaTek in May 2023. It uses TSMC’s 4nm process, an eight-core CPU including one Arm Cortex-X3 super core with a clock speed of up to 3.35GHz, three Arm Cortex-A715 large cores with a clock speed of up to 3.0GHz, and four Arm Cortex-A510 energy-efficient cores with a clock speed of 2.0GHz. It can run with different cores depending on the user’s usage scenario, balancing performance and energy efficiency. In addition, the Dimensity 9200+ is equipped with an 11-core GPU Immortalis-G715, with a peak frequency increase of up to 17%, and it also supports hardware ray tracing and variable rate rendering technology for mobile devices, which can significantly improve game experience.

Powerful chips are not as simple as “buy and install”. Good tuning is also essential to fully unleash their performance. Vivo is known for its excellent tuning of the Dimensity chip, and it will definitely not let you down in terms of performance. After testing, the total score of iQOO Neo8 Pro in Antutu benchmark is as high as 1.35 million, with CPU score of 287,646 and GPU score of 581,599, which can be regarded as a top-level performance.

Introducing the Dimensity 9200+ into the Neo series has undoubtedly improved its competitiveness. However, iQOO does not want to stop there. With the help of its self-developed chip V1+, iQOO Neo8 Pro has achieved the effect of “1+1>2”.

The frame rate is improved by self-developed chip V1+

The iQOO Neo series has been favored by many performance players, and the improvement of gaming performance brought by “dual chips” is essential. Thanks to the addition of the V1+ chip this time, the iQOO Neo8 Pro has also made significant progress in gaming performance. This chip has two abilities, “frame rate enhancement” and “power optimization”. It can increase the native 60fps or 90fps of the game to 120fps or even 144fps through frame insertion, effectively reducing screen tearing and lag and reducing the operating energy consumption of the SoC by sharing the GPU workload, making high-frame games more sustainable and stable.

The average frame rate for running high-quality Genshin Impact on iQOO Neo8 Pro is 59.8.

We tested the iQOO Neo8 Pro using high-quality graphics in “Genshin Impact”. The data shows that the average frame rate of the iQOO Neo8 Pro running “Genshin Impact” for one hour is 59.8 frames, which can remain stable on a straight line. Its average power consumption is only 4W, demonstrating excellent performance.

The iQOO Neo8 Pro also passed the KPL test for “King of Glory” tournament machines. In high-frame-rate “King of Glory”, the iQOO Neo8 Pro can achieve full frame rate for a long time, making the game persistently smooth.

Long-term smoothness not only depends on powerful hardware, but also requires a good cooling system. This time, the iQOO Neo8 Pro further improves the overall cooling performance. It uses a VC heat-dissipating plate with a surface area of up to 5002mm2 and a multi-layer graphite heat-dissipating structure on the screen side to further enhance the heat dissipation capacity.

The highest temperature of the iQOO Neo8 Pro back panel when running “Genshin Impact” at high frame rates is 40.2 degrees Celsius.

When running “Genshin Impact” at high frame rates, the highest temperature of the iQOO Neo8 Pro’s entire back panel is 40.2 degrees Celsius, and the heating area is located beside the camera, which does not feel hot to the touch and does not cause SoC heat dissipation throttling, demonstrating stable performance. In the “King of Glory” project, thanks to MediaTek’s MAGT game adaptive technology, the iQOO Neo8 Pro can also control the temperature of the entire back panel within a reasonable range while ensuring a stable frame rate.

The Neo series has been favored by many players, and this is also due to the comprehensive optimization of iQOO’s hardware and software. This time, the iQOO Neo8 Pro uses a 6.78-inch 1.5K eye-protection straight screen with a resolution of 2800×1260. For gaming enthusiasts, the straight screen has advantages such as a complete screen view and not easily triggering accidental touches, which can bring a good experience. At the same time, its refresh rate is as high as 144Hz, and it supports four speeds of 60/90/120/144, which can automatically match the suitable refresh rate according to different scenes to achieve a balance between image quality and power consumption.

The iQOO Neo8 Pro is equipped with a 6.78-inch 1.5K eye-protecting straight screen.

iQOO also fully considers the needs of heavy smartphone users. This time, the screen of iQOO Neo8 Pro supports more advanced automatic brightness adjustment. It can gradually adjust the screen brightness according to the duration of screen lighting and the degree of eye fatigue, improving eye fatigue. At the same time, its screen backlight has also expanded to 16,000 levels, providing a smoother brightness transition experience through simulated masks and brightness gradient algorithms. When used at night, the screen of iQOO Neo8 Pro can also intelligently adjust the color temperature according to the time, reducing the visual impact caused by the yellowing of the screen due to the eye protection mode.

iQOO Neo8 Pro

In addition, iQOO Neo8 Pro also integrates functions that have been well received in iQOO’s previous iterations for gaming experience. The first is the popular “screen pressure sense”. By mapping the pressure sensing on the left and right sides of the screen to two buttons, the “screen” can be turned into a presence similar to a “game shoulder button”. In my opinion, compared with traditional game shoulder buttons, the advantage of pressure sensing screen is that it is more flexible to operate. I can complete complex operations without complicated finger movements, and this design of pressure sensing screen does not affect the overall appearance of the phone.

iQOO Neo8 Pro supports “screen pressure sense”

Similarly, stereo dual speakers are also a major feature of iQOO. The iQOO Neo8 Pro uses a custom ultra-linear 0.55mm large amplitude speaker with a cavity increased to 0.5cc on the top. The custom ultra-linear 0.55mm large-amplitude speaker at the bottom achieves an equivalent cavity of 0.9cc, and also comes with intelligent adaptation for music, video, and gaming scenes, bringing a very full sound experience.

As for the symmetrical dual X-axis linear motor, it is iQOO’s “traditional skill”. Its two motors can provide a more diverse vibration experience by starting and stopping more quickly. In the process of playing games, the “phone vibration” dimension can also make the experience more immersive.

iQOO Neo8 Pro

All of these great experiences also require a large-capacity battery for support. As a Pro model of the Neo series, iQOO Neo8 Pro naturally comes with a flagship-level charging combination. This time, iQOO Neo8 Pro comes standard with 120W fast charging, which can charge the phone battery from 1% to 50% in just under 10 minutes and fully charge the entire phone in less than half an hour. In addition, iQOO Neo8 Pro is also equipped with a 5000mAh large-capacity battery. This combination of “5000mAh large battery” and “over 100-watt fast charging” not only solves the battery anxiety of heavy users, but also allows players to play more joyfully.

In the process of iterative updates, the iQOO Neo series has also formed its own exclusive design style. This time, in the iQOO Neo8 Pro, the official still continues the design concept of the Neo family, and interprets a different style by using different materials such as glass and plain leather.

iQOO Neo8 Pro “Match Point”

I personally prefer the “Match Point” color scheme, which uses lychee-patterned plain leather, feels delicate and comfortable to the touch, and the pixel-style “NEO” and unique “Time to play” lettering on the surface all show iQOO’s ingenuity in design.

iQOO Neo8 Pro “Night Rock”

As for the other “Night Rock” color scheme, it uses a frosted texture of crystal glass back panel, which also has the characteristic of being fingerprint-resistant. When held, the delicate feel can also be transmitted to the palm of the hand.

iQOO Neo8 Pro

The thickness of iQOO Neo8 Pro is also quite well-controlled.

It should be noted that iQOO Neo8 Pro uses two different materials, plain leather and glass, so the overall weight and thickness are slightly different. The thickness and weight of plain leather material are 8.53mm/192.3g, while the thickness and weight of glass material are 8.36mm/196.9g. The weight of the entire iQOO Neo8 Pro series is less than 200g, which is quite rare for a top-of-the-line flagship.

iQOO Neo8 Pro

In terms of the camera system, iQOO Neo8 Pro uses the currently popular 50 million pixel dual camera. The main camera is the same Sony IMX866 as the vivo X90. As we all know, vivo X series focuses on imaging, and putting the most frequently used main camera of the X90 series into the Neo series is undoubtedly a comprehensive upgrade for Neo. In addition, this lens is also based on the human visual system, allowing the sensor to receive raw information that is close to the human eye spectrum, achieving better noise performance and color reproduction. At the same time, features such as OIS optical stabilization and comprehensive vivo imaging algorithms are also available.

Using iQOO Neo8 Pro to take photos

Taken with iQOO Neo8 Pro

Taken with iQOO Neo8 Pro

Taken with iQOO Neo8 Pro

Taken with iQOO Neo8 Pro

From the samples, the image performance of iQOO Neo8 Pro is still the familiar vivo style. The colors in the photos look fuller and also have a certain sense of layering.

The iQOO Neo series is known for its “powerful performance” and “affordable price”, and this series often allows more people to enjoy flagship experience at a popular price.

iQOO Neo8 Pro

On the brand new iQOO Neo8 Pro, iQOO not only continues its tradition, but also upgrades everything from hardware to appearance to experience comprehensively in the name of Pro, bringing leading industry experience to more players. As the first model with “Pro” in its name, I believe that the performance of iQOO Neo8 Pro can win the favor of performance users.

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