See you no later than 2026! Toyota confirms electric sports car plan, possibly for Supra EV

Toyota confirms electric sports car plan, possibly for Supra EV See you by 2026!

【PhoneAuto News】In a presentation to investors this week, Toyota confirmed plans to launch an electric sports car in the future, with the new model set to be unveiled to the public no later than 2026, within three years.

Lexus electric concept sports car

It is reported that the new electric sports car was announced at Toyota’s FY2023 briefing, with the company confirming plans to launch 10 electric cars for the US and Chinese markets by 2026. These vehicles will cover multiple market segments, from small cars to commercial vehicles and luxury cars, and also cater to niche markets like sports cars. Although Toyota has not yet revealed more information about the car, their previous EV concept cars provide us with a reliable guess.

As early as the end of 2021, Toyota released the Lexus electric sport concept car, which is seen as the successor to the electric LFA and will be mass-produced in the future. Toyota claims that the car can achieve 0-100 km/h in two seconds and has a range of 435 miles (about 700 km) on a single charge. However, this performance is achieved under the condition of using solid-state batteries, which are currently facing many commercialization issues and may be difficult to launch before 2026.

Toyota GR EV concept car

Many Toyota fans have hoped that Toyota will “resurrect” the legendary Celica, which sold over a million units worldwide before being discontinued and even appeared in the manga “Initial D”, giving rise to classic models such as the Supra and Camry. However, recent reports suggest that Toyota’s first electric sports car may not be the aforementioned Lexus, but rather an electric version of the Supra. We previously reported that the sixth-generation Supra will retain the current model’s rear-wheel-drive layout and may be built on Toyota’s e-TNGA architecture, with the new car expected to have more horsepower than the gasoline version due to its electrification features.

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