Only left-hand drive versions are available Tesla cancels Model S and Model X right-hand drive orders

Tesla cancels right-hand drive orders, only left-hand drive versions available for Model S and Model X

【PhoneAuto News】According to foreign media reports, Tesla has decided to cancel the delivery of right-hand drive versions of its flagship Model S and Model X vehicles, causing disappointment and dissatisfaction among some customers who had ordered these models.

Tesla Model X

Recently, Tesla sent an email to some customers who had ordered right-hand drive versions of the Model S and Model X, informing them that their ordered vehicles would not be delivered as expected. Tesla stated in the notice that affected car owners can choose to wait for left-hand drive versions or switch to the still-available right-hand drive Model 3 and Model Y. Tesla also offers full refunds if customers are not willing to choose either options.

Tesla’s move has caused dissatisfaction among many customers who had ordered these models. Many pre-order customers from the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan have also expressed their frustration online. Some customers with orders have said that it is difficult for them to accept switching from right-hand drive to left-hand drive because it does not match local driving habits. In addition, many affected customers have been waiting for two years or even longer to get their new cars and cannot accept Tesla’s sudden change of plan.

Tesla website notice

Tesla attributed this decision to “recent changes to the vehicle plan” and hopes to make the Model S and Model X global models, thus producing only left-hand drive versions. Therefore, right-hand drive versions will be difficult to deliver. The company said it will offer bonus points to customers who choose to continue with the right-hand drive Model 3 and Model Y, with Irish customers eligible for a €2,000 subsidy.

Currently, Tesla has updated the car purchase pages in some right-hand drive markets, including the UK, Ireland, and Japan, indicating that the Model S and Model X will only be available in left-hand drive versions. While the websites in Australia and New Zealand have not yet updated this information, they indicate that the Model S and Model X sold in these markets come from the US, so they are likely to be US-spec models.

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