Zhi Ji Automotive receives Shanghai L3 autonomous driving test license, will carry out road tests in the future.

Zhi Ji Automotive Secures Shanghai L3 Autonomous Driving Test License, Set to Conduct Road Trials in the Future

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, PhoneAuto learned that Zhiji Auto announced that vehicles equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities have officially obtained the license for high-speed autonomous driving testing on highways in Shanghai. The company stated that in the future, under the supervision and guidance of the Shanghai municipal government, Zhiji Auto will carry out L3 high-speed autonomous driving road tests in designated areas to accelerate the development and implementation of advanced intelligent driving products and meet the demands of users for advanced intelligent driving vehicles. Currently, Zhiji Auto is applying for the L3 announcement pilot program of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and is expected to be one of the first models to enter the L3 autonomous driving pilot program.

In addition, according to the official introduction, while leading in the development of L3 autonomous driving, Zhiji IM AD high-speed highway NOA and urban NOA have made breakthrough progress and have become industry leaders with features such as “fast iteration, good user experience, and enhanced safety.” On December 12th, Zhiji Auto’s IM AD high-speed NOA was officially available nationwide, covering a total of 333 cities’ highways (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), and 59 cities’ elevated roads; the total length of applicable highways and elevated roads for high-speed NOA is 389,000 kilometers. Since the start of public testing in April of this year, the nationwide availability of high-speed NOA was achieved by December; the IM AD high-speed highway NOA underwent seven rounds of public testing and set a record for the fastest implementation of intelligent driving products within eight months.

According to Zhiji Auto’s plan, IM AD urban NOA will be available for user testing in Shanghai as scheduled by the end of 2023, with gradual rollouts before the Spring Festival, starting with Shanghai. Then, in mid-2024, the urban commuting mode prototype will be launched, followed by nationwide coverage in 100 cities within 2024.

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