New XiaoDu device under Baidu enters the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology! Appearance exposed, netizens give sharp comments

New Baidu XiaoDu device enters Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, appearance revealed, netizens react critically

【PhoneAuto News】Earlier, it was reported that Xiaodu, a subsidiary of Baidu, will enter the mobile phone market and plans to release its first intelligent smartphone product. In response, a spokesperson for Xiaodu stated that the news is true and more product information will be announced next week. On May 12th, PhoneAuto discovered that the Xiaodu phone has been registered with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, with the model name XD-SEE00-2301 and the brand name “Xiaodu Qinghe”.

Xiaodu Qinghe

From the registration certificate photo, the Xiaodu phone is equipped with a straight screen and adopts a waterdrop screen design on the front. The border situation cannot be confirmed, but it doesn’t seem to be very narrow. The phone has a dual rear camera, and the rear camera module is designed as a rectangle with the words “Xiaodu Qinghe” written below it. The phone uses a plastic right-angled middle frame, and overall, it looks average in terms of texture. In addition, the registered information shows that the phone is a 4G phone.

Xiaodu phone registered

After seeing the appearance photos of the Xiaodu phone, many netizens are not satisfied with its design and mockingly said, “It’s pretty good, competing with AY Changwan Changxiang, ambitious” “Competing with Meilan Jinli for the market” “Senior phone” “Waterdrop + 4G, take it away”. Even one netizen commented sarcastically with just one word: ugly.

Currently, there is not much information about the configuration of this phone online.

Netizen comments

According to previous reports, Xiaodu will enter the mobile phone market and release its first intelligent smartphone product in late May. According to insiders, this phone integrates Xiaodu’s AI technology capabilities and is a “new species” in the smartphone market. It has entered the final preparation stage before release. This is also Xiaodu’s entry into a mature hardware race as a “new player” after the tablet and the BFF phone.

Baidu applies for “Xiaodu Qinghe” trademark

Recently, Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has applied to register the “Xiaodu Qinghe” trademark, with international classification involving scientific instruments. The current status of the trademark is “registration application in progress”.

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