Lowest or just over 300,000 yuan, Zhiji LS7 will introduce entry-level models with a range of 510km

Zhiji LS7 to launch entry-level models at just over 300,000 yuan with a 510km range

【PhoneAuto News】In the fiercely competitive domestic new energy vehicle market, many manufacturers hope to further reduce their own product prices to achieve better sales performance, and launching lower-entry-level models has become an effective means. Recently, it was reported that Zhiji, a high-end new energy vehicle brand jointly created by SAIC Group, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, and Alibaba, has also decided to adopt this method. It plans to launch the entry-level Zhiji LS7, and the selling price is expected to further drop to 309,800 yuan.

Zhiji LS7

It is reported that Zhiji LS7 will launch a low-end model with a smaller 77kWh ternary lithium battery pack, and the cruising range is 510km. For comparison, the current entry-level Elite rear-wheel-drive CLTC has a cruising range of 602km. The cruising range has decreased by 92km. However, the price may also drop from the current 3.298 million yuan to 3.098 million yuan. The entry-level model may be equipped with a rear-mounted single electric motor, with a maximum power of 250kW and a peak torque of 475N·m.

Currently, Zhiji LS7 has launched five models, divided into two single-motor and three dual-motor models, namely 602km rear-wheel-drive Elite, 550km four-wheel-drive Elite, 660km rear-wheel-drive Lux, 625km four-wheel-drive Lux, and 625km four-wheel-drive Pro version, with a price range of 3.298 million-4.598 million yuan. The new car offers two battery packs of 90kWh and 100kWh to choose from.

Zhiji LS7 interior

The dimensions of the Zhiji LS7 car body are 5049mm/2002mm/1731mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 3060mm, positioning it as a large pure electric SUV. The vehicle is equipped with a 26.3-inch through-screen and a 12.8-inch central control screen, as well as a series of high-tech features such as zero-gravity floating seats and a half-frame steering wheel, which are very suitable for trend-seeking consumers.

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