vivo S17 Pro Review Dual Soft Light Knows Warm and Cold, Setting a New Height for Night Scene Portrait

The vivo S17 Pro has a dual soft light that adjusts to warm and cold tones, setting a new standard for night scene portraits

Starting from the user experience and putting the user first is the core of vivo’s brand. Among the many product lines of vivo, the vivo S series is undoubtedly one of the popular series among young people. Users who pursue a good feel love its light and portable body, while those who love photography rave about its powerful imaging capabilities.

vivo S17 Pro

In the first half of 2023, the vivo S17 series was officially launched. This phone still adheres to the design concept of being light and comfortable to hold of the vivo S series, and with its powerful built-in chip, it can provide users with a smooth and natural experience without burden. At the same time, it continuously iterates and upgrades the imaging system and lighting, constantly expanding users’ selfie scenes, and can obtain excellent photos regardless of day or night.

Today, let us explore the upgrade path of the vivo S series through the vivo S17 Pro.

“Light” can be said to be the main theme of the vivo S series. In the iterations of the vivo S series over the years, upgrades in “light” have been indispensable. From the earliest “illuminate your beauty”, “illuminate my beauty”, to “hello, natural beauty”, “illuminate you and me”, the vivo S series continuously deepens its understanding of “light and portrait”, and allows everyone to pick up their phone and experience the freedom of creation.

The top of the vivo S17 Pro’s body has a soft light

The latest generation of vivo S17 Pro has also become a new benchmark for light and shadow portraits. Same as the previous generation vivo S16 series “create light”, this vivo S17 Pro is also equipped with enough light sources. Its body top has a soft light, and the screen can also be transformed into a soft light ring during night selfies. By cleverly matching the two, it can form more three-dimensional and soft light, greatly improving the selfie effect in low light environments.

The screen soft light ring of the vivo S17 Pro supports free adjustment of cool and warm tones.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s vivo S17 Pro front light source has become more user-friendly. In terms of the soft light selection, the vivo S17 Pro can produce a softer white light, which is more in line with current aesthetics and makes skin tones appear more natural. Moreover, its user-friendliness is not only reflected in the soft light, but also in the brand new screen soft light ring that supports free adjustment of cool and warm tones. Whether you want to shoot white light that restores “cold white skin” or want to use warm light to add softness to your night selfies, the vivo S17 Pro can help you achieve it.

While enhancing the light, the vivo S17 Pro has also comprehensively upgraded the “eye” that captures the light. We all hope to capture every person in a group photo with our friends, but we don’t want to be distorted by standing on the edges. This time, the vivo S17 Pro has chosen a 90° wide-angle lens that can meet the needs of group photos without worrying about distortion. It also provides a smooth transition from 0.8X to 2X, allowing you to take photos of multiple people or close-up shots with just one lens.

Taken with the vivo S17 Pro

Taken with the vivo S17 Pro

At the hardware level, the vivo S17 Pro uses a 50 million pixel JN1 photosensitive component, and through pixel refinement technology, achieves lossless zoom even when enlarged two times. In addition, while using a small aperture, vivo has upgraded the front camera’s aperture to F/2.0. Compared with the traditional front camera’s F/2.4 aperture, the F/2.0 aperture has a larger amount of light entering, which is equivalent to having better vision at night and producing clearer photos.

If the front light can capture ourselves better, then the rear light is for capturing the TA around us. As we can see, vivo S17 Pro places the standard flash and soft light ring in the image system area on the back, and this design concept of placing the soft light ring on the same level as the rear camera lens also shows vivo’s emphasis on “light”.

The soft light ring of vivo S17 Pro adopts the “beauty dish” style

This time, the soft light ring of vivo S17 Pro also adopts the “beauty dish” style, which can highlight the details of the skin and face. And its outer diameter reaches 15.6mm, which can evenly illuminate the face from different angles at night.

In the iterative process, the back soft light ring of vivo S series has also completed the upgrade from “I have it when others don’t” to “I’m better than others”, and the “better” here is the personalization we mentioned earlier.

Photo taken with vivo S17 Pro (cold light)

Photo taken with vivo S17 Pro (warm light)

The light sources in the real world are always different in warmth, and it is difficult to achieve “one light for all” in different scenarios. This time, the soft light ring on the back of vivo S17 Pro also supports cold and warm color temperature adjustment. You only need to adjust the color temperature slider during the shooting process to achieve infinite adjustment. Through different color temperatures, creators can also achieve more diverse atmosphere and more personalized expression. In the past, it was necessary to carry various color filters to change the color temperature when shooting, but with vivo S17 Pro, the operation is as simple as “sliding the screen color temperature slider”.

Slide the slider to adjust the cool and warm color temperature.

If you often use your mobile phone to take portraits, you must have used the “2X” focal length frequently. This is not only the recommended focal length by various photographers, but also the focal length with the lowest threshold for taking portraits. This time, the vivo S17 Pro is equipped with a portrait lens IMX663 from the vivo X series, which uses a 2X focal length and can bring a more realistic visual image, making it more suitable for taking portraits.

Photo taken with vivo S17 Pro

Photo taken with vivo S17 Pro

Besides portraits, the vivo S17 Pro is also a phone with extremely strong shooting ability. During daily use of mobile phones, I believe many people have faced the problem of “color deviation” under different lenses and focal lengths. Sometimes the color accuracy at 1X is correct, but it becomes dull when switching to 2X. The vivo S17 Pro ensures that each lens can obtain the same tone by using a super-sensing spectral sensor and super-sensing calculation engine, bringing users a sense of freedom in creation without considering the influence of color deviation on photo viewing experience.

As the electronic device with the highest frequency of daily use, mobile phones have long been integrated into every aspect of our lives. The S series products have always been aimed at the young and trendy, but a “life-integrated” electronic product not only needs to be young and trendy, but also needs to be lightweight and portable enough to bring users a burden-free experience.

Lightness has always been the original intention of the vivo S series. This time, the vivo S17 Pro continues its lightweight design, with a streamlined curved screen on the front and the same soft curvature on the back. When holding the phone in your hand, the 7.46mm thick and 188g heavy body can directly feedback the “lightness” to your palm. This is not easy to continue the lightweight and portable design in the current era when smartphones are becoming thicker and heavier.

The thickness of the vivo S17 Pro is 7.46mm.

While being thin, the vivo S17 Pro also maintains a battery capacity of 4600mAh, and this time vivo has also brought the highly praised 80W Far-Field Flash Charge to the S17 Pro. This charging solution specially designed for thin bodies can charge up to 70% in just half an hour while reducing heat, and with a healthy charging algorithm, it can ensure that the battery health is still not less than 80% after 1600 charge and discharge cycles, making it durable.

vivo S17 Pro

From the earliest colorful colors, geometric diamond aesthetics to the subsequent light-induced color change, we can always find vivo’s understanding of trends and personality on the S series. In the latest vivo S17 Pro, vivo once again introduces new technology, preserving the flowing mountains and seas full of oriental charm on the back of the phone.

The flowing mountains and seas full of oriental aesthetics often emphasize blankness and expressiveness, but translating it to the back of a phone is a concrete and realistic process. It takes special design to turn the intended design into a reality.

The back of the vivo S17 Pro uses particle ink technology

And vivo’s answer is: particle ink technology.

The simulation of the flow of oriental ink through particles is quite appropriate, because the flow and fusion between particles can more realistically express the fusion of ink colors in space. The back of the vivo S17 Pro has as many as 15 million particles in space, which under magnetic control form a unique light and shadow stacking effect, achieving a wonderful sense of continuity in the mountains and seas.

From the color matching of vivo X90 “Huaxia Red” and vivo S16 “Yanru Yu”, we can see that in recent years, vivo has been more “national style” in its color selection. It can convey the beauty of the nation through the back panel of the phone, which is also a kind of cultural self-confidence.

At the same time of “thin and light”, the performance of vivo S17 Pro in terms of performance did not disappoint us. This time, the vivo S17 Pro chose a more mature and stable chip – Dimensity 8200. This chip uses TSMC’s 4nm process, and has one 3.1GHz A78 performance core, three 3.0GHz A78 performance cores and four 2.0GHz A55 energy-efficient cores. Faced with the current complex usage requirements, the performance of this chip is sufficient to meet the current usage environment, and even prepare some performance redundancy to easily cope with more complex usage environments in the future.

The performance redundancy is not limited to the processor. Thanks to the help of OriginOS 3, the vivo S17 Pro also supports the highest memory fusion +8GB technology, which increases the virtual memory capacity to achieve more application survival. In addition, through the new in-place resurrection mechanism, when using the vivo S17 Pro daily, switching between different applications is smoother, and when reopening the applications that were kept in the background, they can quickly return to the state before being closed.

The vivo S17 Pro uses a 1.5K super retina screen

As for the screen on the front of the body, the performance is also impressive. The vivo S17 Pro uses a 1.5K super retina screen with a resolution of 2800×1260 and a PPI of 452. With the help of the new luminescent material, this screen also supports a peak brightness of 1300nit and a high contrast ratio of 8000000:1.

As a device with high daily usage frequency, mobile phones naturally need all-around eye protection. This time, the screen of vivo S17 Pro realizes comprehensive eye protection from hardware to software, and can achieve 360-degree brightness adjustment through front and rear dual-light sensing. The 2160Hz high-frequency dimming can also reduce screen flicker and ensure that the screen will not harm the eyes when it is relatively dark at night. As for the software, vivo S17 Pro can also adjust the screen brightness according to the duration of eye usage, thereby relieving eye muscle fatigue.

We always expect to see more surprises on the vivo S series, because the S series carries the youth and vitality of young people, and represents “no limits”, with more room for imagination. This time, the vivo S17 Pro has completed the upgrade from “creating light” to “creating more personalized light”, which not only adds more playfulness to the light, but also takes night portrait photography to new heights again.

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