iOS 17 Public Beta Preview Focus on Experience Numerous new features worth upgrading

iOS 17 Public Beta Preview focuses on enhancing user experience with numerous new features for an upgrade

Before the official release of the system, as usual, Apple will release the Developer Beta version for developers and the Public Beta version for public testers. On July 13th, Apple officially launched the Public Beta version of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS Sonoma.

iOS 17

Compared to the developer version, the Public Beta version of the system is slightly more stable and easier for ordinary users to experience the new highlights of the system. To experience the new system in the Public Beta version, you need to participate in the Apple Beta Software Program on the Apple official website. After registering through the corresponding link on the official website, you can find the option for Beta version updates in Settings-General-Software Update.

According to the Apple official website, iOS 17 is compatible with iPhone SE (2nd generation and later models), iPhone XS series, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 series, and all subsequent products. We upgraded our iPhone to the Public Beta version of iOS 17 as soon as possible, and hope to share some new features and experiences of iOS 17 with you through this article.

In today’s world where system functions are already quite complete, iOS has started to focus on personalized user experience in major version updates in recent years. As stated on the iOS 17 preview page, the brand new iOS 17 system is helping us further unleash our ideas and making the experience of every iPhone closer to the user’s own preferences.

“StandBy” feature

The “StandBy” feature can display the photos taken by the user

In iOS 17, the most prominent upgrade is the “StandBy” feature. When in landscape mode and charging, the iPhone has been given more possibilities. After lighting up the screen, we can directly browse the time and other information on the screen. Even by calling Siri, we can directly search for more detailed content. Apple also provides ample customization space, just long-press to adjust the color of widgets, photos, or clocks.

Apple has adapted the “Night Mode” for the StandBy feature.

In terms of actual experience, the StandBy feature is more suitable for browsing short and highly efficient information. Users only need to “glance” to view the corresponding content on the large screen. Moreover, Apple has also adapted the “Night Mode” for it. The experience is somewhat similar to the Apple Watch Ultra. When it senses that the indoor light is dark, the screen display will automatically switch to red. Since the human eye is less sensitive to red light, the red light can minimize eye damage when browsing the screen at night.

For iPhone users, the new StandBy feature does make charging more elegant. However, from this feature, we also seem to see the shadow of the previously leaked “HomePod with a screen”. With support for Siri, a screen, and music playback, this home audio device may have a similar experience to the StandBy feature in the future.

In addition to the StandBy feature, iOS 17 has made many updates in basic mobile applications such as calling and iMessage. For example, the new contact poster can make full use of the entire screen to display user avatars and other information. We can also display different contacts using text or Memoji expressions.

iOS 17 has a new contact poster.

As for the updates to iMessage, they focus on stickers and functionality. The row of stickers below the text input box and functions such as taking photos are all integrated into the “+” in iOS 17. It not only looks more concise, but also makes management more convenient. Moreover, iOS 17 also brings the “DIY stickers” feature, where you can directly cut out stickers from photos and use them in different apps.

Click “+” to activate more features

Make stickers using photos

Overall, the updates in iOS 17 for calls and iMessage mainly aim to provide users with a more personalized experience. Today, when the system functions are already quite complete, the new personalized features allow users to customize their phones according to their own needs. This also reflects Apple’s product philosophy of “designed for everyone.”

The emergence of smartphones is to improve our efficiency, and the widgets that first appeared in iOS 14 have been further upgraded in iOS 17. Now, the functions that can be directly completed on the widgets can be done without opening the App. For example, when completing a reminder, you can directly click the dot on the left to mark it as completed.

iOS 17 opens interactive permissions for widgets

Opening interactive permissions for widgets also means that a large number of “use and go” functions will have higher usage frequency. For developers, it is worth considering how to integrate widgets with their own Apps more deeply and how to make good use of limited desktop space so that users can solve problems that used to require complex steps in just one step. Of course, we also look forward to seeing more third-party Apps that can fully utilize widgets in the future.

Nowadays, more and more people are paying attention to their physical health. However, in addition to physical health, “mental health” has also become a key aspect of the health category. In iOS 17, Apple introduces related functions for “mental health,” which originated from previous “meditation and mindfulness” practices and presents one’s mental health status in a data-driven manner through more refined features.

iOS 17 added a “mental health” module

The new Health App introduces a feature called “psychological status” that is used to record our daily mental condition. By making a simple selection, you can choose your mood from “very unhappy” to “very happy,” and further describe your current mood based on different keywords.

Record your mood with just a few clicks

While “recording mood,” the Health App can also help us look back on our past moods. When we are stressed, we can improve our mental state through mindfulness exercises or seeking help from others. In addition, the Health App also provides us with questionnaires, which can help us gain a better understanding of ourselves by filling them out.

Understand your mental state through questionnaires

Mental health is crucial to our thinking, feeling, and behavior. iOS 17 brings mental health into the Health App, allowing more people to understand the importance of mental health.

iOS 17 added a screen distance feature

In addition, iOS 17 also pays attention to “visual health.” Based on “screen usage time,” iOS 17 has added a screen distance feature. By detecting the distance between the face and the phone, the system will prompt you to stay away from the screen and focus on eye health after prolonged proximity to the screen.

What can be seen is that in recent years, Apple’s updates at the system level have mostly focused on the “experience” aspect. Currently, with the iterative updates of the software, the major systems have already become mutually integrated, where “you have me, and I have you,” so you only need to consider the device form factor that is most suitable for yourself, without worrying about any fragmented experience between different devices.

From the brand-new StandBy, interactive widgets, to more personalized calls and messages, as well as comprehensive upgrades in health, iOS 17 not only becomes more user-friendly but also enhances the overall experience of the Apple ecosystem.

Currently, the Public Beta version of the iOS 17 system is relatively stable. If you are keen on trying new things, you might as well upgrade and experience it following the steps.

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