Honor responds to rumors of starting a new company to develop self-made chips focus on these research and development areas

Honor denies rumors of starting a new company, but will focus on developing self-made chips in specific research and development areas

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, Honor fully controlled and founded Shanghai Honor Smart Technology Development Co., Ltd. It is rumored that Honor may be planning to develop deep self-developed chips.

Regarding this, Honor responded that Shanghai Honor Smart Technology Development Co., Ltd. is Honor’s research institute located in Shanghai, which is one of Honor’s five research centers in China. It focuses on the research and development of core terminal software, graphic algorithms, communication, photography, and other aspects. Honor emphasized that it insists on user-centeredness, open innovation, and collaborates with global partners to provide users with the best product solutions.

Honor Company

Regarding the situation where domestic mobile phone companies have stopped self-developing chips, Honor CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview after the Honor 90 series launch that Honor will formulate a chip strategy according to its needs. “We are neither blindly optimistic nor self-defeating.” Zhao Ming also emphasized that as a global open system, Honor will make independent choices based on the needs defined by the product. “Whether it is self-developed or selecting third-party chips, the goal is to maintain the best competitiveness of the product.”

Public information shows that the registered capital of Shanghai Honor Smart Technology Development Co., Ltd. is 100 million yuan, and its business scope includes: integrated circuit design; integrated circuit chip design and services; artificial intelligence theory and algorithm software development; artificial intelligence application software development, etc. Equity penetration shows that the company is 100% controlled by Honor Terminal Co., Ltd.

In recent years, Honor has indeed made great efforts to conduct research and development, and has achieved fruitful results. Its self-developed Qinghai Lake battery technology is a representative. Recently, Zhao Ming posted on Weibo that behind high-quality growth is Honor’s continuous high R&D investment and adherence to long-termism. It can be foreseen that Honor will continue to invest heavily in R&D for a long time to come.

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