Zhao Ming Honor’s high investment in research and development and persistence in long-termism have brought about high-quality growth

Zhao Ming Honor's high R&D investment and long-term persistence led to high-quality growth

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, major mobile phone manufacturers have released their 618 sales reports. Among them, Honor products performed outstandingly on JD.com and Tmall platforms, winning the sales championship on various lists.

In response, Honor CEO Zhao Ming posted on Weibo, stating that the high-quality growth is driven by Honor’s continuous high R&D investment and adherence to long-termism. Innovative technologies such as the lightweight and long-lasting battery life of the Honor Magic Vs, the Qinghai Lake battery and self-developed RF enhancement chip of the Honor Magic5 series, and the latest zero-risk dimming eye-protection screen of the Honor 90 series, continue to lead the industry development and are recognized by the majority of consumers. In the future, we will continue to firmly invest in research and development and product systems, define our brand through products, and provide consumers with more ultimate innovative experiences!

According to the 618 sales report, the Honor Magic Vs folding screen phone won the JD/Tmall folding screen product sales championship. The Honor Magic5 series won the JD Android phone product sales championship for products priced above 4,000 yuan. The Honor Magic5 Pro won the Tmall Android phone product sales championship for products priced between 5,000-6,000 yuan. The Honor 90 series won the JD/Tmall/Douyin/Kuaishou 618 new product sales championship. In addition, Honor’s multiple laptop computers, tablets, and wearables also achieved good results.

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