Why can iQOO 11S become the esports flagship with top-notch hardware?

'iQOO 11S Why is it the top esports flagship with outstanding hardware?'

When it comes to the brand “iQOO,” it is easily associated with “esports.” With the “full control” to “enjoyable control,” the iQOO digital series products have gained a good reputation. Not only have they become the official competition machines for KPL for four consecutive years, but they have also allowed every esports enthusiast to enjoy a high-quality esports experience.

iQOO 11S

In the constantly evolving path of the “esports flagship,” in the summer of 2023, iQOO brings us the all-new iQOO 11S. Launching this performance esports flagship at the current time is not only for the Hangzhou Asian Games esports events but also to bring a esports flagship that surpasses industry standards to every user who has a passion for performance, esports, and advanced technology.

The iQOO digital series has always been at the top level of esports phones, which is inseparable from leading performance. As the official machine for the Hangzhou Asian Games esports events, the iQOO 11S naturally needs to be powerful in terms of performance. It is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, which is at the top level of Android in 2023. This chip uses TSMC’s leading 4nm process and a 1+2+2+3 four-cluster ARM V9 architecture. It can be said that the support of this chip provides a solid foundation for flagship-level esports experience.

iQOO 11S

In addition to the chip, the iQOO 11S is also equipped with an enhanced version of LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 storage. Furthermore, the iQOO 11S also supports memory fusion technology, which can further increase the memory by 8GB, ensuring smooth operation of the phone when running games or switching between multiple tasks.

There are many devices on the market that use flagship-level “performance iron triangles”, but there are very few that can become “esports flagships”. This is because many smartphones have different positioning and different emphasis. For example, the iQOO 11S chooses to focus on the battery and heat dissipation within the limited internal space, ensuring that esports players can still maintain controllable internal temperature and stable experience after long-term use of the phone.

The thickness of the iQOO 11S is still well-controlled.

In order to achieve a durable and stable gaming experience, the iQOO 11S uses a large-area VC heat dissipation plate of 4013mm2 internally. It adopts a new integrated die-casting process with higher area utilization rate, making the heat dissipation plate more integrated and thinner. It can quickly disperse heat without occupying internal space. In addition, the iQOO 11S is also equipped with a fitted three-dimensional graphite in the heat source position, which can also accelerate heat conduction.

Through actual tests, it can be seen that when running the high-quality game “Genshin Impact”, the highest temperature of the iQOO 11S back panel is 41 degrees Celsius, and the heat is mainly concentrated in the SoC area.

While improving heat dissipation capabilities, the iQOO 11S also chooses a combination of a 4700mAh large battery and a 200W super fast flash charging that can help users use it for a long time. In the super fast charging mode, it only takes a dozen minutes to fully charge the phone, and according to actual tests, the whole machine does not generate heat during the charging process, with a maximum temperature of only 36.8℃. With the standard 200W charger, the highest temperature is 44.2℃.

On the left is the body temperature, and on the right is the charger temperature.

It can shorten the charging time from half an hour or one hour to “10 minutes”, which can to some extent change the way users use their phones. Many heavy users are worried that long gaming sessions will drain their battery and affect daily use. However, if the charging time only takes 10 minutes to complete, it means that we only need to use a short rest time to restore the battery to a normal level of use.

From the charging curve, it can be seen that it takes less than 10 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to nearly 90%, and waiting a few more minutes will fully charge the phone. This charging speed is enough to improve users’ “battery anxiety”.

Powerful hardware performance is common, but optimizations specifically for mobile games are not. Previously, iQOO improved the gaming experience of their phones through “dual-core design”, and now the iQOO 11S also has an iQOO super computing discrete graphics chip inside, which is a brand new chip designed by the same development team as vivo’s self-developed V2 chip. During the chip’s design process, engineers took into account the usage scenarios of gamers, using more than 15 games and over 10,000 simulated images for training, allowing the iQOO super computing discrete graphics chip to focus on the gaming field and achieve significant improvements in gaming smoothness and image quality.

The iQOO super computing discrete graphics chip’s assistance with game visuals is similar to a “dedicated graphics card” in a computer. It focuses on processing graphic information and can distinguish between complex texture details and relatively simple flat color blocks based on the perception of the visual objects’ forms. It adjusts the algorithm parameters adaptively according to the classification, enhancing the image quality clarity in areas where the human eye is more sensitive.

“Game Super Resolution” Off (Top) vs “Game Super Resolution” On (Bottom)

Using the visually stunning game “Genshin Impact” as an example, when the game super resolution algorithm is enabled, you can immediately see the change in image sharpness. From this set of comparison images, you can see that with the addition of the iQOO Super Computing Dedicated Graphics Chip, the image clarity with game super resolution enabled is higher than without. Perhaps when playing “Genshin Impact” normally, we have already become accustomed to the image quality in “high graphics” mode, but please trust me, once you enable “game super resolution”, you will definitely fall in love with this ultra-high definition image quality. It’s somewhat similar to the sensory experience of upgrading from “1080P” to “4K”. If you have already gotten used to the 4K image quality of “Genshin Impact”, how can you go back to the original 1080P image?

In addition, through the iQOO Super Computing Dedicated Graphics Chip, the improvement in frame rate and reduction in power consumption of iQOO phones is also continued. When playing games with the iQOO 11S, you can enjoy the highest frame rate of 144Hz through triple frame rate enhancement. And because the iQOO Super Computing Dedicated Graphics Chip is used to calculate the image, the GPU stress is lower and the power consumption is also lower.

The iQOO 11S is equipped with a 6.78-inch Samsung 2K E6 straight screen

The iQOO Super Computing Dedicated Graphics Chip can achieve image quality enhancement, so naturally it also requires a high-quality screen to display these contents. This time, the iQOO 11S is equipped with a 6.78-inch Samsung 2K E6 straight screen, with a maximum manual brightness of 600nit and a maximum global brightness of 1100nit, and it has a super high refresh rate of 144Hz.

In addition, iQOO 11S has made special optimizations to this screen. Through its self-developed XDR display engine, it can increase the screen brightness from 500 to 1100 nits, and intelligently enhance the recognition and segmentation of high and low brightness areas, allowing photos and videos to display a more complete high dynamic range.

Similarly, iQOO 11S also has elements exclusive to gaming players, such as dual-zone pressure sensitivity on the screen, symmetrical dual-axis linear motors, and enclosed stereo dual speakers, all of which are fully equipped.

Playing games with iQOO 11

As for the software aspect, while OriginOS continues to iterate, it also brings a lot of assistance for a smooth experience. In the new OriginOS 3, a new “in situ resurrection mechanism” has been added. It means that when an application is killed by the system after being pushed to the background, the application will record its state before being killed, so that when it is reopened, it can quickly return to its previous state and progress. In addition, the “unfair scheduling mechanism” of OriginOS 3 can ensure the smoothness of the foreground application when multitasking or overloading. And don’t forget, iQOO 11S has the highest 16GB+8GB of super large running memory, which can also ensure a smooth user experience when running large applications simultaneously.

There are many smartphones with extreme performance, but there are not many that focus on gaming experience and have multiple exclusive esports optimizations. As the official device for the esports events of the Hangzhou Asian Games this year, iQOO 11S has prepared a comprehensive optimization solution from hardware to software for a better mobile gaming experience. And don’t forget, this performance-leading gaming flagship has a starting price of only 3799 yuan, and even the version with 1TB storage is less than 5000 yuan. Therefore, for performance enthusiasts, gamers, or students who have just graduated and are preparing to buy a new phone, iQOO 11S is definitely a good choice.

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