iQOO 11S The professional esports flagship above the standard, named Super

iQOO 11S The esports flagship, named Super

With strong product capabilities, a rich product line, and a user-oriented core concept, iQOO has attracted a large number of loyal users. Among them, the iQOO digital series, as the flagship, has been the first to quickly implement multiple new technologies, allowing users who pursue the ultimate to enjoy the new experience brought by powerful performance.

iQOO 11S

More than half a year after the release of the iQOO 11 series, the brand new iQOO 11S is officially meeting consumers. The “S” here can mean “Summer”, entering summer at a glance with the new Qiántáng Tīngcháo color scheme; it can also mean “Super”, symbolizing super, allowing the performance pioneer iQOO 11S to further grow into an ultimate esports device.

At the current time point, iQOO 11S has considerable appeal. It not only carries the powerful second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, but also benefits from the iQOO supercomputing discrete graphics chip. iQOO has also prepared powerful hardware such as 200W flash charging, Samsung 2K E6 screen, dual pressure-sensitive dual speakers, etc., raising the standard of “esports flagship” to a new level.

As the new flagship of the digital series, the iQOO 11S’s performance in terms of hardware is quite surprising. In today’s era where “100W fast charging” has become standard, the iQOO 11S has taken the lead in improving the charging efficiency of the standard flagship to 200W, coupled with a large-capacity battery equivalent to 4700mAh. In ultra-fast mode, it only takes 5 minutes to charge the phone from 1% to 50%, and just over 10 minutes to fully charge the entire battery.

iQOO 11S supports 200W ultra-fast flash charging

After upgrading to 200W fast charging, it also means that there will be no “battery anxiety” when using iQOO 11S. Even if you are a heavy user who never leaves your phone, you only need to use a short five to ten minutes to replenish the phone’s power, and it can restore the phone to its optimal state. In addition, iQOO 11S also introduces a new boron nitride material to reduce the temperature of the battery protection board, so the phone will not feel hot during the charging process.

iQOO 11S is equipped with 200W flash charging

In addition to faster charging efficiency, iQOO 11S also chooses the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, which currently ranks among the top tier of Android performance. This chip adopts a “1+4+3” architecture, with one large core at 3.2GHz, based on Cortex-X3’s Kryo mega core, four performance cores with a frequency of 2.8GHz, consisting of two Cortex A715 and two Cortex A710, and three efficiency cores with a frequency of 2.0GHz, consisting of Cortex A510. It can automatically adjust performance release according to different usage environments, with enhanced LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0, forming iQOO’s “performance iron triangle”. According to the AnTuTu V10 test, iQOO 11S scored as high as 1.66 million points, ranking in the top tier.

It is worth mentioning that, with the continuous decrease in the price of storage chips, iQOO has also brought the highest 1TB version to consumers this time. The 1TB large capacity storage has a “future-proof” meaning for heavy users. Faced with larger games in the future, the 1TB large capacity storage can also easily cope.

In the summer when using a phone, the heat dissipation capability of the entire device is also a test. iQOO 11S adopts a low-temperature intelligent heat dissipation system internally, with a total area of 24,768mm2, of which the effective heat dissipation area of the large-area VC heat dissipation plate with an area of 4,013mm2 has increased by 19.5%. Combined with three-layer graphite, high-power thermal conductive gel, and other heat dissipation hardware, it ensures that the body temperature can be controlled within a reasonable range when used in the summer.

“Vertical screen” and “esports” always go hand in hand. From the feedback of a large number of users, we can also see the help of a high-quality vertical screen in the gaming experience. This time, iQOO 11S uses a 6.78-inch 2K E6 vertical screen with a resolution of 3200×1400, a contrast ratio of up to 8000000:1, supports 100% P3 color gamut, and has a super high refresh rate of 144Hz. It can be said that all the parameters that a good screen should have can be found on the screen of iQOO 11S.

iQOO 11S uses a 6.78-inch 2K E6 vertical screen

A screen born for esports flagship cannot be without multiple optimization solutions focused on esports. In iQOO 11S, the official has added an “iQOO supercomputing discrete graphics chip” to it. This chip is born for gaming experience. By introducing a new super-resolution and super-frame concurrent technology, it fully utilizes the advantages of this 2K E6 vertical screen and delivers more detailed and full-screen images to players.

iQOO 11S built-in “iQOO supercomputing discrete graphics chip”

You can understand the “iQOO supercomputing discrete graphics chip” as the built-in independent graphics card of iQOO 11S. It is a brand new chip developed by vivo’s self-developed chip V2 research and development team. This chip has undergone training with up to 15 games and over 10,000 simulated images. It supports “super-resolution” and “super-frame” concurrent activation. When processing game graphics, it has higher processing efficiency, which can bring players clearer and higher frame rate images while ensuring power consumption is within a reasonable range.

Supports up to 144Hz refresh rate

Take “Genshin Impact” as an example. When playing “Genshin Impact” with the iQOO 11S, the phone will use the iQOO supercomputing discrete graphics chip to process each frame of the game screen. And because this chip has mastered the characteristics of the “Genshin Impact” screen, it is more adept at processing it, with lower power consumption. In the end, when running “Genshin Impact” on the iQOO 11S, it can achieve high-resolution effects and enhanced anti-aliasing capabilities, making it not only look clearer, but also smoother and more natural when controlling character movements.

The average frame rate of iQOO 11S running “Genshin Impact” at high quality for half an hour is 58.9

After actual testing, when the iQOO 11S runs “Genshin Impact” at high quality for half an hour, the average frame rate is 58.9, and the frame rate can remain stable on a straight line, with only occasional frame rate drops during certain cutscenes. At the same time, the back panel of the phone does not feel too hot to touch, and the temperature control performance is also satisfactory.

The screen of iQOO 11S supports a refresh rate of 144Hz

In addition, thanks to the 144Hz screen, the iQOO 11S also natively adapts to some mobile games that support a 144Hz refresh rate. If you frequently play mobile games that support high refresh rates and enjoy extremely smooth visuals, then the quality of this screen will definitely not disappoint you.

iQOO 11S supports under-screen dual-control pressure sensitivity

In addition to the excellent screen quality, it also has many features specifically designed for complex operation games. The iQOO 11S supports a closed stereo dual-speaker design, allowing players to enjoy a more immersive audio experience while gaming. It also supports under-screen dual-control pressure sensitivity, where the left and right areas can be mapped as two separate buttons, equivalent to placing two “game shoulder buttons” directly on the screen. The internal dual X-axis linear motors of the phone can accurately distinguish between left and right movements in gaming scenarios, providing a more realistic gaming environment and tactile experience.

Using iQOO 11S to play games

Not only is it powerful in performance, but it also has multiple exclusive optimizations for esports. Each design inside is targeted and every detail is conveying the positioning of iQOO 11S, which is the “professional esports flagship”. I think this may also be the reason why iQOO 11S can become the official gaming device for the Hangzhou Asian Games esports events.

When it comes to “esports flagship”, many users subconsciously think that this is a phone dedicated to esports. However, with the development of smartphones, a flagship that solely focuses on “esports” is no longer able to meet diverse demands. A qualified esports flagship not only needs to focus on esports, but also needs to have comprehensive development to meet diverse usage needs.

iQOO 11S equipped with triple rear cameras

This time, iQOO 11S adopts the mainstream combination of triple rear cameras. Its 50-megapixel main camera uses the same Sony IMX866 sensor as the vivo imaging flagship, and with vivo’s computational spectral technology, it allows the sensor to receive raw signals close to the human eye, achieving better noise performance and color reproduction. In addition, this sensor also supports OIS optical stabilization, enabling stable image capture in low light, night, and other scenes with slow shutter speeds.

Using iQOO 11S for photography

Using iQOO 11S for photography

Using iQOO 11S for photography

In addition, iQOO 11S is equipped with a 13 million pixel telephoto portrait lens and an 8 million pixel ultra-wide-angle lens. The combination of the three lenses forms the iQOO 11S super-sensitive bionic imaging system.

iQOO 11S

In terms of appearance, the design of iQOO 11S is also in line with the “S” in its name. Here, S can mean “Summer”, which is the main color of iQOO 11S, called “Qiantang Tide”. It is not only a summer color, but also a tribute to the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The back panel of iQOO 11S “Qiantang Tide” uses organic silicone leather material.

In terms of material selection, the “Qiantang Tide” version of iQOO 11S uses the second generation of organic silicone leather, which is commonly used in car seats, high-end furniture, and other fields. When used on the back panel of a phone, it can provide a delicate touch. Compared with genuine leather, organic silicone leather is more resistant to dirt. When held in hand, it gives a full sense of texture brought by a flagship phone.

Overall, iQOO 11S is a comprehensive upgrade from the previous generation and a professional esports flagship above the standard. It has the letter “S” in its name, and it lives up to the name “Super” in terms of charging, screen, and performance configuration. If you are a mobile game player, every aspect of it will emit irresistible temptations to you. Especially now during the summer vacation, this performance flagship may be the most suitable flagship product for students and prospective college students to purchase.

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