What is the experience of Apple fans switching to an Android phone for the first time in ten years? Netizens are arguing fiercely

Netizens fiercely debate the experience of Apple fans switching to an Android phone after ten years

【phoneauto News】The topic of which is better, Apple or Android phones, has always been a focus of debate among netizens on the internet. According to phoneauto, a recent topic on Weibo titled “#What is the experience of switching to Android for the first time as an Apple fan for ten years#” has gone viral with over 20 million views. Netizens from different camps have expressed their opinions, trying to convince each other.

How do you choose between Apple and Android? (Image source: Weibo)

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A netizen who claimed to have used Apple phones for “over ten years” said that it has become increasingly boring: finally switched to the Android camp this year, fast charging and great camera. Another netizen, using an iPhone 13 and a vivo X80, said that Android has its advantages and Apple has its advantages. Apple’s video recording is good and can shoot stable 4K without overheating. But as a phone, the performance in terms of charging, signal, and heat is really not suitable for heavy daily use.

Netizen comments

According to some digital bloggers’ analysis, now domestic high-end flagship phones, whether it’s the craftsmanship, signal fast charging, or camera smoothness, are very good. Apart from the advantage of Apple’s ecosystem, domestic Android phones have really surpassed Apple in terms of user experience at the product level.

Netizen comments

Many netizens do not fully agree with this analysis. Some people asked the blogger back: Android phones lag after a year of use, while Apple phones remain smooth for three years. Why should I use an Android phone? Others expressed that Android flagship phones do not have small screen models, which is not very friendly to girls who can’t hold it with one hand. Some other netizens think that their choice of Apple phones is mainly due to a higher reliance on the system. Netizens said that it’s not that they don’t give Android phones a chance, but all their game accounts are on the iPhone, and there are many skins in there. Another iPhone XS Max user said: I’ve been using it for almost 6 years and it’s still smooth, I can play games and do anything. Except for the battery not being durable, there are no problems or lag. Which Android phone can compare?

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