Strong Alliance! China Unicom and Huawei Launch Commercial 5G-A Flexible Production Line

Powerful Partnership China Unicom and Huawei Join Forces to Roll Out Commercial 5G-A Flexible Production Line

【Mobile China News】Recently, Phone China noticed that China Unicom, together with Huawei, is helping Jingcheng Technology Automotive System Co., Ltd. Baoding Automation Technology Branch officially launch the commercial phase of the 5G-A (5G-Advanced) ultra-high reliability and ultra-low latency flexible production line. This advanced production line has started to be used in the Great Wall Automobile Manufacturing Line in Baoding, Hebei Province. Traditional industrial control relies on wired networks to connect and control devices. However, communication cables in mobile application scenarios such as robotic arms, sliding tables, and turntables wear out over time and cause production interruptions, resulting in an average of about 60 hours of downtime per year.

Strong Alliance! China Unicom and Huawei launch commercial 5G-A flexible production line

China Unicom and Huawei’s collaboration successfully applied the high reliability and low latency features of 5G-A networks to high-end core manufacturing processes. This innovative solution not only eliminates wired constraints and enables wireless replacement of industrial networks but also fundamentally improves production efficiency.

Compared to wired networks, 5G-A networks are simpler to deploy, which plays a positive role in flexible manufacturing. Its efficient network deployment and flexible network structure bring significant optimization opportunities to enterprise production processes.

In addition, the 5G-A network successfully integrates the functions of data collection (IT) and industrial control (OT), realizing the efficient utility of a single network for multiple purposes. This breakthrough innovation overcomes the limitations of traditional industrial control and opens up new possibilities for future smart manufacturing.

This collaboration between China Unicom and Huawei undoubtedly brings significant innovation and improvement to the production process of Jingcheng Technology Automotive System Co., Ltd. Baoding Automation Technology Branch. In the future, we have reason to expect the emergence of more 5G-A application scenarios, bringing greater breakthroughs and development to global smart manufacturing.

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