Tesla responds to recall of over one million vehicles lowering the probability of accidents

Tesla recalls over one million vehicles to reduce accident risk

【PhoneAuto News】On May 12th, according to information displayed on the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation, Tesla filed a recall plan with the agency. Starting from May 29th, 2023, Tesla will recall a total of 1,104,622 imported Model S, Model X, Model 3, and domestic Model 3 and Model Y vehicles produced between January 12th, 2019 and April 24th, 2023.

It is reported that Tesla will use over-the-air (OTA) technology to push the following functions to the recalled vehicles: for vehicles without energy recovery brake intensity selection, provide options to allow the driver to choose energy recovery brake intensity; adjust the default factory status of the vehicle’s energy recovery brake strategy; issue a reminder when the driver presses the accelerator pedal deeply for a long time.

Currently, Tesla has responded to this matter, and the introduction of these functions will provide users with more safety guarantees on the basis of rich safety features already available in the product. Misstepping the accelerator pedal is a common cause of traffic accidents, and this update aims to reduce the probability of traffic accidents caused by deep misstepping of the accelerator pedal. It is expected that Tesla will notify relevant car owners of the recall through registered mail, text messages, and other forms in the near future.

Currently, Tesla’s recall has attracted a lot of attention from netizens. On the one hand, Tesla recalled millions of vehicles, which is a very large scale and involves a wide range. On the other hand, in this OTA update, Tesla will return the energy recovery strategy selection right to users. For a long time before this, Tesla’s single pedal mode had caused a lot of controversy.

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