Xiaomi 13 Ultra will welcome a new partner tomorrow, which may be a white version of the camera kit

Xiaomi 13 Ultra may have a new white camera kit partner arriving tomorrow

【PhoneAuto News】It’s been a while since the release of Xiaomi 13 Ultra, with its photography kit being the most beloved by professional users. On June 26th, PhoneAuto learned that Xiaomi Mobile has officially teased a “new partner” for Xiaomi 13 Ultra, which will announce detailed information tomorrow. From the official poster, it seems to be a white version of the professional photography kit, which looks very textured as a whole.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra

It is reported that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra professional photography kit includes a protective case made of nano-tech leather, a wireless photography handle, a 67mm filter adapter ring, a lens cap, and a hanging rope. The protective case can install a lens cap or a 67mm filter adapter ring to increase shooting creativity and effects. The wireless photography handle can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth, realizing functions such as shutter and zoom, allowing users to hold it with one hand and easily focus and shoot. These accessories can meet the shooting needs of users in different scenarios, making mobile phone photography more professional and interesting.

In addition, according to official information, Xiaomi 13 Ultra uses a Leica optical full-focus four-camera, including full-focus large aperture, full-focus night scene, full-focus snapshot, and full-link Leica professional experience. The newly developed Summicron lens of the next generation jointly developed with Leica makes the mobile imaging achieve a delicate balance between optical performance, lens volume, and durability.

Spy photo of Xiaomi 13 Ultra white version professional photography kit

In terms of specific parameters, Xiaomi 13 Ultra is equipped with a 50 million pixel one-inch variable aperture main camera, a 50 million pixel 75mm Leica professional telephoto lens, a 50 million pixel 120mm Leica professional ultra-telephoto lens, and a 50 million pixel 122° Leica ultra-low distortion wide-angle lens.

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