Winners of the Fourth Huawei Image Golden Rooster Mobile Film Project Announced

Fourth Huawei Image Golden Rooster Mobile Film Project Winners Unveiled

【Mobile China News】On November 4th, Mobile China noticed that the Huawei Image · Golden Rooster Mobile Film Project commendation ceremony and theme forum were successfully held in Xiamen. There were a total of 58 shortlisted entries competing for seven awards in this event.

According to reports, compared to previous years, this event has seen the emergence of more cleverly conceived, gripping, and emotionally engaging mobile films. More creators have focused their lenses on life, capturing ordinary aspects of the current era and transforming them into extraordinary stories. These mobile films vividly portray the annotations of our times and convey the moving moments and extraordinary power of everyday life through visual images.

It is understood that Huawei Mobile has collaborated with the China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival for four consecutive sessions, and the trend towards diversification of the works is becoming more apparent. Not only are more professionals from different fields getting involved, but the content of the works is also gradually shifting towards a richer and more comprehensive focus on real life and the current era. Both in terms of quantity and quality, the “Huawei Image · Golden Rooster Mobile Film Project” of this year has shown significant improvements. The event received nearly 5,000 entries from creators around the world, among which 58 entries were shortlisted for the competition for the seven awards. After professional evaluation by experts in the industry, thirteen works were ultimately awarded the seven honors.

With the technological iteration of mobile imaging, mobile films have further opened up the imagination of the general public, sparking the creative desire of more creators and continuously exploring and enriching the content and themes of their works. One major characteristic of the shortlisted works this year is that they are rich in lifelike atmosphere. These works focus on real life, covering a wide range of subjects and displaying delicate emotions. From the vivid characters portrayed in these works, we can see the creators’ observations of life and their reflections on the times, as they use mobile imaging to depict a multi-dimensional picture of the era.

“Through the recording and expression of mobile imagery, we make ordinary daily life events meaningful, endowing the works with profound content value and a new social value,” said Li Changzhu, Vice President of Huawei’s Consumer BG Mobile Product Line, evaluating the participating works of this session. He stated that Huawei continues to invest in technology innovation, shooting experience, and image culture, constantly enhancing imaging capabilities and inspiring creative inspiration. This is the “power” of XMAGE empowering creators.

Winners of the 4th Huawei Image · Golden Rooster Smartphone Film Project announced

Renowned director Li Shaohong marvels at the rapid development of the Huawei Image · Smartphone Film Project and thanks mobile imaging for making filmmaking a way of life, allowing everyone to be a director of their own lives. Li Shaohong believes that “the stories in the participating works are everyone’s observations of life and their understanding of society.” She also shares her personal perspective and feelings about the three award-winning films, “Liuxia’s Sun,” “Rhythm,” and “Worthy.” At the same time, she expresses, “Huawei Image and the Chinese Golden Rooster Film Festival have built a platform for film exchange, learning, and creation. I look forward to seeing more professional talents participate in smartphone film production and contribute to the prosperity and development of Chinese cinema.”

Since the first Huawei Image · Golden Rooster Smartphone Film Project in 2019, more than 10,000 entries have been received. There is no doubt that mobile phones are becoming the preferred devices for mass image creation, and the participants are becoming more diverse. More and more people are picking up their phones to capture the spirit of the times in their photographs. Behind this trend, in addition to the enlightenment and cultural influence brought by the Huawei Image · Golden Rooster Smartphone Film Project, there is also the continuous innovation and breakthroughs in mobile imaging technology.

As a pioneer in mobile imaging, in July 2022, Huawei released the Huawei Image brand XMAGE, leading mobile imaging into a new stage through advanced and mature technological innovations in the four core areas of optical design, mechanical structure, optoelectronic conversion, and image algorithms. At the same time, Huawei Image XMAGE brings a better imaging experience to global consumers, lays a solid foundation for systematic construction of imaging technology capabilities, and propels mobile imaging forward with the “power” brought by XMAGE.

Winners of the 4th Huawei Image · Golden Rooster Smartphone Film Project announced

This year, the Huawei Mate 60 series, Mate X5, P60 series, and other flagship products equipped with XMAGE imaging systems have been successively released, bringing users an even better imaging experience. The Huawei Mate 60 series features instant capture, ensuring clear images while capturing beautiful moments. The upgraded portrait mode brings a progressively layered optical-level blurring effect and a clear and bright portrait shooting experience. The new pet portrait function achieves precise blurring of details such as fur and whiskers, making the eyes shine and the nose naturally bright, comparable to professional pet portraits. The Huawei Mate 60 series excels in all scenes and focal lengths, allowing users to document daily life and create anywhere, providing strong technical support for the flourishing of smartphone filmmaking.

“The Huawei Film·Golden Rooster Mobile Movie Project” has reached its fourth edition, allowing the industry and the public to see more possibilities. On one hand, it has gradually formed a unique style and culture, bringing about mobile films with more comprehensive and rich subject matter and content, thus becoming an important supplement to the industrial film. On the other hand, through technological innovation and cultural influence, it lowers the barriers to creation and enriches creative methods, allowing more people to pick up their phones to record life’s moments and extraordinary moments, and experience the power of images and the value of art. The integration and promotion of these two aspects enables technological leaps and empowers users, creating a positive cycle of mass participation and feedback platform, and forming a new fertile ground for mobile movies.

As the honor works of the 4th Huawei Film·Golden Rooster Mobile Movie Project are gradually unveiled, the 5th edition of the event has also been officially launched, welcoming more creators to join. The first movie shot by Huawei phones, “The Trace of the Stars,” is also soon to be released in theaters, allowing more people to experience the unique charm of mobile movies. Use mobile movies to convey warmth and express emotions, pick up your phone to record life, leave a mark for the power of the era, and together participate in and witness the limitless future of mobile movies.

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