Morning News Apple quietly tests Apple GPT, new Beats Studio Pro debuts

Apple quietly tests Apple GPT, new Beats Studio Pro debuts in the morning news

【Phoneauto Morning News】The global trend of large-scale models continues after the launch of ChatGPT, and many tech companies have released their own large language models. Apple, which has been low-key in the past, has also been reported to be testing and using related models. On the evening of July 19th, the new Beats Studio Pro over-ear headphones were officially released, priced at 2899 yuan, and will start shipping on August 10th.

Apple is quietly testing “Apple GPT” and may launch it next year for use in products.

According to Mark Gurman, citing insiders, Apple has built a framework for developing large language models and has also made its own chatbot. However, they have not yet figured out how to turn this technology into an actual product.

It is understood that Apple’s basic framework for large language models is called “Ajax”, which is built on the Google JAX machine learning framework. Therefore, this framework is also hosted on the Google Cloud and is used to create Apple’s own large language models and chatbots. Ajax was developed last year with the aim of integrating Apple’s progress in the field of machine learning.

Sources revealed that Apple hopes to officially launch its own large-scale model tool at some point in 2024.

New generation of Beats Studio Pro unveiled with a completely new design priced at 2899 yuan.

Among the various headphones from Beats, the Beats Studio series is undoubtedly the most classic. On the evening of July 19th, Beats officially launched the new Beats Studio Pro over-ear headphones. It continues the design language of the Studio series, but has been comprehensively improved and upgraded internally, including higher-level audio fidelity, all-round adaptive active noise cancellation and transparency mode, personalized spatial audio with support for dynamic head tracking technology, and other latest technologies, bringing a better experience.

It is reported that Beats Studio Pro will be available for pre-order starting at 3:00 pm Beijing time on August 9th, with a price of RMB 2899. This headset comes in four colors: black, dark brown, navy blue, and soft sand. Shipping will begin on August 10th.

Meta VR headset falls behind Apple Vision Pro by three years, with noticeable differences in some parameters.

At this year’s Apple WWDC, Apple officially introduced the latest product with disruptive industry potential, the Apple Vision Pro headset. Recently, there are reports that Meta, once the leader in the MR industry, is also preparing to launch a product that competes with Vision Pro, but its official release may be delayed until 2027.

There are reports that Meta’s new headset, codenamed Artemis, which will be released in 2027, will use glass instead of the more expensive silicon carbide. This will result in a smaller field of view for the new headset compared to previous Meta headsets, with only 50 degrees. In comparison, Apple Vision Pro has a field of view of 120 degrees, and the difference is significant.

Mercedes-Benz announces the recall of 32,786 imported S-Class/EQS vehicles due to software issues.

Recently, Mercedes-Benz (China) Sales Company Limited has filed a recall plan with the State Administration for Market Regulation in accordance with the “Regulations on the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recalls” and the “Implementation Measures for the Regulations on the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recalls”. From now on, a total of 32,786 imported S-Class and EQS vehicles produced between June 14, 2021 and March 22, 2023 will be recalled.

Due to software issues, the internal monitoring program of the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) in the vehicles within the scope of this recall may incorrectly diagnose a fault at the start of the driving cycle, resulting in limited functionality of the vehicle’s dynamic control system and posing a safety hazard.

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