This big factory is about to make a move! Foldable machine + tablet + flagship with under-screen technology is coming soon

Big factory releasing foldable machine, tablet, and flagship with under-screen technology soon

【PhoneAuto News】On May 12th, PhoneAuto noticed the latest news that some relevant insiders revealed that ZTE and its subsidiary brand Nubia, as well as their gaming phone brand Red Magic, have a wave of new products in the works, including heavyweights.

Nubia Phone

It is reported that Nubia and Red Magic have already obtained ZTE’s technology, and in the future, these two manufacturers may launch more mobile phone products that adopt the under-screen camera technology. Currently, under-screen camera technology is widely considered to be one of the best solutions for true full-screen smartphones. Unfortunately, there are not many mobile phone manufacturers that insist on using this technology, and ZTE is one of them. Currently, ZTE’s flagship smartphones like Axon 40 Ultra use under-screen camera technology.

At the same time, Red Magic will soon bring a gaming tablet. Not long ago, Red Magic held a new product launch conference, and many netizens thought that the gaming tablet under Red Magic would be officially unveiled. Looking at it now, this machine may still need some time to prepare. Compared with mobile phones, tablets have more advantages in battery life and heat dissipation, so the gaming performance of Red Magic’s gaming tablet is quite worth looking forward to.

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Finally, Nubia is preparing a Z60 Fold folding screen phone, which should also be Nubia and ZTE’s first folding screen phone. Although the global smartphone market’s shipments are gradually declining, the folding screen phone market is an exception. Nubia’s entry into the folding screen market will undoubtedly bring more new vitality to the market. Moreover, it is worth noting that Nubia may use under-screen camera technology on folding screen phones to provide consumers with a complete foldable inner screen.

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