Huawei’s latest camera patent exposure! Can adjust the viewfinder by gesture control in mid-air.

Huawei's Latest Camera Patent Reveals Gesture-Controlled Viewfinder Adjustment!

【Mobile China News】Tianyancha App shows that on December 8th, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was granted a patent for “photography methods and electronic devices”.

The abstract shows that this application provides a photography method where an electronic device can recognize the user’s gestures through the front camera. When specific gestures are recognized, a series of images are displayed in the preview box, with the size of the preview angle gradually changing.

Huawei's latest photography patent revealed! Can adjust the framing box using gestures

For example, when the front camera recognizes the gesture of opening the palm and pushing it forward, the series of images displayed in the preview box gradually increase the preview angle, allowing more objects to be presented in the preview box. This way, users can easily adjust the preview angle and framing at the same time, making the operation convenient and the shooting process more efficient.

Huawei's latest photography patent revealed! Can adjust the framing box using gestures

According to the announcement by the National Intellectual Property Office, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. recently applied for a patent called “Method and Device for Perception”, with publication number CN117177289A.

The patent abstract shows that the application involves the field of communication, specifically a method and device for perception, which can be applied to support the next-generation WiFi protocol IEEE 802.11ax, such as 802.11be, WiFi 7 or EHT, and the next-generation of 802.11be, WiFi 8, and 802.11bf wireless LAN systems, as well as UWB-based wireless personal area network systems and perception sensing systems.

The patent method includes: receiving first information in a first perception measurement entity, where the first information is used to indicate feedback on the perception content of a second perception measurement entity; sending the perception content of the second perception measurement entity; where the first and second perception measurement entities are different. With this method, the first device can report the perception content based on a delayed feedback mode, and moreover, this feedback mode can enhance feedback efficiency.

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