Huawei executive personally advises Do not apply screen protector to foldable screen phones

Huawei exec advises against using screen protectors on foldable phones

【PhoneAuto News】Compared to regular smartphones, foldable screen phones have both advantages and disadvantages in their screens. On one hand, the screen of a foldable phone is quite futuristic and can provide good display effects for users. On the other hand, due to its inherent uniqueness, this type of screen is also quite fragile. If dropped, the screen of a foldable phone is the most easily damaged component. Under these circumstances, many users may choose to apply a screen protector to their foldable phone. However, this may have the opposite effect.

Recently, PhoneAuto noticed that Mr. Li Xiaolong, a Huawei executive and CTO of the Terminal BG, posted a message saying: “I have seen many online sales of protective films for foldable screen phones, and I kindly ask all users not to stick another layer of protective film on the foldable screen or remove the original factory protective film. The material, thickness, and force of every layer of the foldable screen have been carefully calculated and verified to achieve the optimal results. If the force model is changed, the life of the screen will be greatly reduced, and the free warranty may also be invalidated. If the original protective film is damaged, it can be replaced at the after-sales service center, and each phone has two free opportunities to replace the protective film.”

Currently, Huawei is the largest foldable screen phone manufacturer in China, occupying more than half of the market share. As early as 2019, Huawei launched related products and has steadily updated them over the following years. Currently, Huawei’s foldable screen phone product lineup includes Huawei Mate X3, Huawei Mate Xs 2, Huawei P50 Pocket, Huawei Pocket S, and more, with prices ranging from five to six thousand yuan up to tens of thousands of yuan. The product lineup is quite diverse.

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