9200+ leads the way, as iQOO Neo8 Pro 1TB version debuts with a price of 3699 yuan

iQOO Neo8 Pro 1TB version released for 3699 yuan, led by 9200+

【PhoneAuto News】On June 9th, 2023, the iQOO Neo8 Pro 1TB version officially began pre-sale, priced at only 3699 yuan, and supports up to 24 interest-free installments. Pre-orders now come with original earphones. With the blessing of 1TB UFS 4.0, the already powerful “true Pro flagship” iQOO Neo8 Pro is like a tiger with wings, teaming up with flagship dual-core and 16GB LPDDR5X to become the strongest 1TB gaming performance flagship.

The iQOO Neo8 Pro is equipped with the MediaTek 9200+ flagship chip, paired with the self-developed V1+ chip to form the “flagship dual-core”. The entire series is equipped with 16GB LPDDR5X and supports memory fusion 3.0, achieving a maximum effect of “16GB+8GB”. Its multitasking ability is very powerful. With the addition of 1TB UFS 4.0, users can store their favorite multimedia content and install their favorite games and applications without worrying about storage space allocation.

As the strongest gaming performance flagship, the iQOO Neo8 Pro has outstanding e-sports experience, supports hardware-level light tracing, MAGT adaptive picture quality mode, and a large number of popular games with a maximum of 144 high-frame modes, bringing real and smooth gaming experience, and lower power consumption. It also supports some low-frame rate games to achieve the highest 144 frame rate and low power consumption experience. The first “through-wall antenna cluster” equipped with Wi-Fi 7 not only has a stable internet experience but also fast performance in daily use and gaming scenarios. It has “dual-pressure dual-lift dual-motor” racing-level game control, supports 1200Hz instant touch sampling rate, and has passed the KPL game machine test certification. The “flagship dual-core” also brings stable frame rate marathon, playing “King of Glory” in nearly full-frame for 3 hours in 120 frame mode while still keeping the feel cool.

On other aspects, iQOO Neo8 Pro supports a 6.78 inch 144Hz 1.5K eye-protecting straight screen, up to 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, hardware-level anti-blue light and original image mode, achieving both eye-protection and pleasing looks; equipped with a 50 million pixel Sony IMX866 VCS biomimetic spectral optical anti-shake main camera, the imaging strength is also strong; it also has 120W ultra-fast flash charging, an equivalent of 5000mAh large battery and 5K ice waterfall VC stereo cooling system, equipped with OriginOS 3, and available in three colors: “Race Point”, “Surfing”, and “Night Rock”.

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