Graduation season says goodbye to youth slowly, Nova11 series captures the memories of campus life

Nova11 series preserves college memories during graduation season

【PhoneAuto News】From June 7th to 9th, the three-day annual college entrance examination and graduation season has arrived. For students, it is a mix of emotions. On June 9th, Huawei released a graduation season video shot by the nova11 series. The video features a slow rendition of the graduation song “Goodbye” adapted by the Traveling Band, meant to bid a slow farewell to this year’s graduates. Interestingly, selecting 2x speed will play the classic version of “Goodbye.” By watching the video and capturing the graduation moments in the frames taken by the nova11 series, students can feel the bravery and reluctance of youth. In this unforgettable graduation season, we say goodbye to the campus youth slowly.

The excellent imaging capabilities of the nova11 series are also showcased in the video. The front 60 million-pixel dual cameras support a 100-degree ultra-wide-angle and meet various selfie needs of different scenery. Whether it’s taking a selfie in a graduation gown or taking a group picture with roommates, everyone can be included in the frame and captured clearly. The 8 million-pixel portrait lens supports up to 5x digital zoom, and the 0.7x-5x portrait zoom shooting capability can enlarge portraits for selfies and close-up shots, bringing more vivid and distinct shooting effects for capturing more moving moments. It truly lives up to its name as a “super-sensitive all-around portrait phone.” Taking out these photos after graduation will undoubtedly become a beautiful memory.

Regarding the rear camera, the Huawei nova11 Ultra is equipped with a variable aperture lens similar to the flagship model. When the aperture is adjusted to F1.4, a better background blur effect can be achieved. When the aperture is adjusted to F4, it can ensure that every person in the scene is captured clearly before and after taking photos of multiple people. It can be said to be a good helper for taking graduation photos, and both people and scenery can be captured. It is worth mentioning that the F1.4 super large physical aperture also brings more light, combined with the first XD Portrait portrait engine, which can take good portrait photos even in low light conditions. It can help students better capture memories on campus day and night.

During graduation season, fleeting expressions beneath intense emotions often touch people’s hearts more deeply. At this time, the rear intelligent capture ability of the nova11 series can come into play. With the support of laser focus, QPD full-pixel precise focus, and zero-delay shutter technology, it can perfectly capture dynamic moments. This way, if you want to capture the dynamic scenes of classmates running on the playground, or want to jump and freeze the brave moment in mid-air in front of the teaching building, the nova11 series can easily capture it.

As someone who has graduated for many years, one thing I regret now is that due to the limited functionality of phones back then, I couldn’t record graduation season with images. Now that I look back on my campus days, I can only piece together my youthful memories through my memories. Today, the nova11 series will help more students graduate without regrets.

Currently, the #nova11dare to shoot and perform# portrait work collection activity has begun. Everyone can try to participate in the activity and use the nova phone to capture youthful vitality. In addition, from June 7th to June 10th, Huawei stores near major college entrance examination sites across the country will provide free rest and cooling areas for parents/students, as well as providing cool fans, bottled water, and film sticking services to help college entrance examination candidates succeed; from June 10th to July 10th, nationwide activity stores will open the youth declaration check-in, group graduation photo shooting to have the chance to win lucky prizes, and there are also discounts for teachers and students~ For more activities, please consult Huawei store for details.

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