Zuckerberg criticizes Apple’s first VR headset lacks social features and is different from us

Zuckerberg criticizes Apple's VR headset for lacking social features and being different from their own

【PhoneAuto News】Since the release of Apple’s first VR headset, Vision Pro, there has been much debate in the industry.

On June 9th, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg criticized Vision Pro for its poor social attributes, stating that almost all of the demonstrations showed a single person using the product. He said, “For the metaverse and existence, our vision is fundamentally about society and social interaction, about people interacting with each other, and we want to provide a new and magical way for people to feel more intimate. In contrast, when you look at Apple’s demonstration, almost all of it is a single person sitting alone on a couch.”

Prior to Apple’s release of Vision Pro, Meta released the Quest 3 headset on June 2nd, with a starting price of $499 for 128G, which is about 3,550 yuan, much cheaper than the Vision Pro’s 25,000 yuan.

Meta claims that Quest 3 is the first mass-market product to offer cutting-edge VR and MR experiences in a single device. The official introduction states: This new experience goes beyond current mixed reality, intelligently understanding and responding to objects in your physical space, allowing you to manipulate them in a natural and intuitive way in space, something that was almost impossible before. It is reported that Quest 3 will be compatible with over 500 VR games, applications, and experiences from Quest 2, with more to come in the future.

Recently, at a Meta all-hands meeting, Zuckerberg said the company is developing various AI technologies, one of which allows users to edit photos by inputting text prompts. Zuckerberg also said that Meta’s AI development is directly related to the metaverse, and that Meta plans to embed generative AI into more products. As part of the plan, Meta will introduce AI agents in its apps.

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