Man cheated while handling phone package at the business hall, 0 yuan purchase of elderly phone turned into a loan

Man cheated at business hall, turned 0 yuan purchase into a loan while handling phone package for elderly

【PhoneAuto News】”Free” elderly phones turn into loans, and packages become traps?

Recently, Mr. Wu from Guangzhou went to the business hall to apply for a mobile phone package. After signing the agreement, the salesman informed him that he needed to freeze 273.6 yuan in Yu’EBao. However, Mr. Wu found that the product frozen in his Yu’EBao account was a financial installment product when he checked his consumption record. The behavior of the operator to set “traps” for the elderly population with “zero-cost” elderly phones and low-priced packages is really chilling.

Elderly phones purchased for “free” at the business hall are inexplicably loaned

In fact, there are many similar examples. According to China Voice of CCTV, many users in various places have reported that when they apply for services with China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, the salesman “promises to give gifts for free on the internet”, but in reality, users need to provide guarantees in the form of credit. That is to say, customers sign a tripartite contract with the operator and the loan bank, and they need to borrow several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan before they can receive “free” gifts such as mobile phones.

What’s more important is that most users do not know that they have signed a loan contract. According to the contract, once the mobile phone is overdue and suspended for a certain period of time, it becomes “overdue loan”. Many people’s credit is damaged because they have received this “free” gift. When users complain, the business hall’s response is mostly “the contract has been signed”, “the reminder obligation has been fulfilled”, and “the salesman violated the rules”.

Some comments believe that honest operation is the foundation of a merchant’s survival. Any fraudulent operation cannot last. Instead of playing these tricks, operators should broaden their horizons, focus on service and technological innovation, and truly win the hearts of consumers with their abilities.

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