Naturally on camera! The Honor 90 series 200 million pixel portrait camera captures the most beautiful you

The Honor 90 series 200MP camera captures your beauty on camera

【PhoneAuto News】In recent years, with the development of the Internet, images have become an important way for us to express emotions. We take a photo when we’re happy, and take a photo when we’re sad, then share it on social media to record the moment. However, nowadays, with the blessing of various beauty algorithms, the originally authentic photos gradually become “fake photos”. When over-beautification becomes a common phenomenon, it not only makes taking photos lose their natural authenticity, but also makes post-processing boring. Therefore, finding the most authentic beauty is becoming a new trend in photography.

The newly released Honor 90 series is making a comprehensive effort in imaging, with the industry’s first “200 million pixel portrait camera”. It improves the shooting effect from the aspects of light sensitivity, portrait algorithm, and style filter, restores the user’s true beauty, and opens up the portrait photography track. First of all, the Honor 90 series chooses a 200 million pixel ultra-clear main camera, with a size of 1/1.4 inches and an equivalent pixel of 2.24μm after 16-in-1 synthesis. The larger photosensitive area brings stronger light sensitivity, and with ultra-high pixel, the texture and details of the photos can be maximally enhanced, and there is also more room for secondary composition.

Secondly, the portrait camera of the Honor 90 series uses two core software and hardware synergies, “portrait optical three-focal segment” and “portrait photography engine”, to make portrait photos return to reality and naturalness, and also achieve the effect of blurring the background like a single-lens reflex camera. Through the combination of a 200 million pixel main camera and a 32 million pixel OIS telephoto portrait lens, the Honor 90 Pro achieves three optical portrait focal segments of 1x, 2x, and 2.5x. The 1x perspective captures more background, the 2x perspective is closer to the natural viewing angle of the human eye and looks better, and the 2.5x perspective is more suitable for shooting close-ups of characters. The combination of the three focal segments makes the Honor 90 Pro’s portrait photos clearer and can also perform better portrait composition.

The portrait engine brings a more realistic, natural, and clear portrait detail experience to the Honor 90 series. The portrait engine of the Honor 90 series uses AI adversarial network technology to train portrait algorithms through input of over a million high-quality portrait materials, ultimately achieving a native skin texture for portraits, making the skin tone appear more natural and rosy. In addition, the portrait engine can also achieve progressive blurring by learning from the blurring effects of different SLR cameras, making the transition between the subject and the background more natural. Furthermore, in terms of natural transition, the portrait engine also achieves semantic-level segmentation of hair strands, ensuring clear visibility of hair while blurring the background.

In addition, the Honor 90 series has also launched eight portrait style filters for the first time. Users can switch them instantly according to their preferences before shooting, allowing them to easily take natural and atmospheric portraits without the need for tedious post-processing, adding a finishing touch to their shots.

According to survey data from market research institutions, since 2023, domestic mobile phone users still have high expectations for product experiences including imaging, screens, and battery life, indicating that the iteration of mobile phones has not yet met the growing practical needs of users. The Honor 90 series achieves image elevation through hardware specifications, software algorithms, and innovative experiences, driving the industry into a new race track while demonstrating the huge potential of the “dual-drive” product development concept and validating Honor’s long-term strategic vision in key core technology areas. We believe that the Honor 90 series will become a benchmark product in the domestic and even global high-end mobile phone market this year.

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