Adjustable front camera aperture! NIO’s latest smartphone patent announced

NIO announces latest smartphone patent with adjustable front camera aperture

【PhoneAuto News】In 2022, NIO officially announced its entry into the mobile phone industry. It has officially applied for the trademark “NIO PHONE”. It is rumored that NIO’s first mobile phone will be officially launched as early as the third quarter of this year. Recently, a latest patent about NIO’s mobile phone has also been officially announced.

According to the Enterprise Search App, on June 27th, the patent for “electronic devices with adjustable front camera aperture” applied by NIO Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. was published. The application date of the patent is February 17, 2023, and the publication date is June 27, 2023. The inventor is Ma Qiang.

According to the abstract of the patent, this application involves the technical field of electronic devices, and specifically provides an electronic device with an adjustable front camera aperture, aimed at solving the problem that the existing front camera cannot adjust the aperture. For this purpose, the electronic device with an adjustable front camera aperture in this application includes: a main body; a display screen, which is set on the main body; a camera module, which is set inside the main body, and the display screen covers the camera module, with the light-receiving end of the camera module facing the display screen; and a controller, which is set inside the main body, and the camera module and the display screen are electrically connected to the controller, respectively; among them, the display screen has a light-receiving area corresponding to the light-receiving end, and the light-receiving area has pixel points. By adjusting the display status of the pixel points at different positions in the light-receiving area through the controller, the light-transmitting area of the light-receiving area can be changed. This application not only ensures the beauty of the front of the electronic device, but also does not require an increase in the thickness of the device, meeting the design requirements of miniaturization and slimness of electronic devices.

Regarding the variable aperture on mobile phones, major manufacturers are currently focusing on the rear camera lens, but NIO Mobile has taken a different approach and focused on the variable aperture of the front camera lens. This shows that NIO Mobile is also trying to create its own niche in the mobile phone market, not just providing accessories for its own car models.

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