The vivo S17 series is officially on sale! The portrait quality is comparable to flagship phones and any photo taken is very bright

The vivo S17 series is now on sale, boasting portrait quality comparable to flagship phones and producing very bright photos

【PhoneAuto News】On June 8th, the new vivo S17 series officially went on sale, including two new models, vivo S17 and vivo S17 Pro.

The entire vivo S17 series adopts oriental aesthetics design, which is lightweight and flexible. The full series is equipped with fill light and photosensitive dual-drive, which is comparable to flagship phones in portrait mode. The full series is equipped with the same eye-protection screen as the flagship, which is smooth, durable, and priced at 2,499 yuan and up. Purchase options include 24 interest-free installments, buy-one-get-one-free for screen insurance, and a customized gift box. Posting a review of the purchase will also get a 44W flash charging kit as a gift.

vivo S17 is now on sale

The vivo S17 series adopts a brand-new color scheme, once again innovating the S series’ color play. “Shanhaiqing” uses the industry’s first “particle ink” process to create a flowing landscape painting; “Bingbaiyu” combines jade glass craftsmanship with a dual-layer magnetic field design, achieving a cloud-like light and shadow effect on the back cover; “Flower Sea” uses lithography to restore a romantic flower sea; “Xuan Black” adds an elusive luster transformation with the Fluorite AG process.

vivo S17 Pro is now on sale

In terms of configuration, the vivo S17 series has the best screen in the S series to date. The resolution is as high as 1.5K, with a pixel density of 452PPI, breaking through the limit of human eyesight recognition under normal distance; it can display 1 billion colors, and the brightness and contrast are the best levels in the S series so far. It is also the most eye-protective in the S series, with a high-frequency dimming of up to 2160Hz and equipped with multiple eye-protection technologies.

vivo S17 series

In order to meet everyone’s different performance needs, the vivo S17 series is equipped with different chip platforms. The S17 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+, which achieves stronger performance release than the conventional 778G and is the golden partner of lightweight models; the S17 Pro is equipped with the Dimensity 8200, the annual reputation of the god U, and the advanced 4nm process technology, comparable to a variety of performance-oriented smartphones. The lightweight body achieves a large battery capacity of 4600mAh, coupled with 80W long-range flash charging, which can meet most of the needs in just fifteen minutes of charging.

In adhering to the premise of lightweight, the vivo S17 series has also achieved a new breakthrough in portrait photography. Through “dual-drive of light-sensing and fill light”, it has both leading light-sensing capabilities and professional fill light technology.

To achieve a new breakthrough in portrait photography, the vivo S17 series first upgraded the light-sensing capabilities of the front and rear main cameras. The front camera has 50 million pixels and vivo’s largest front lens aperture to date, increasing light input by 50% and making photo details clearer and brighter; the rear 50 million ultra-sensitive portrait lens is equipped with a large bottom sensor of about 1/1.57 inches across the series and OIS optical stabilization, which increases light input by more than 3 times. It is the strongest light-sensing performance of S to date, making any shot look “bright”.

vivo S17 series

The vivo S17 Pro also has a professional telephoto portrait lens, which brings new improvements in imaging quality. 2x optical zoom makes it more convenient to take close-ups or full-body shots, with less distortion and more naturalness in almost restoring what the human eye sees; in addition, for the first time, the S17 Pro’s telephoto lens achieves landscape moon photography, combined with the main camera, it captures the moon and mountains, rivers, lakes, and city landmarks in the same frame, creating a full atmosphere.

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